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World’s smallest wearable air purifier returns to CES after a year of outstanding growth

ible Technolgy Inc.

ible Technology Inc. took home the “Innovation Award” from 2020 CES for its wearable air purifier, Airvida. After a year of outstanding growth, the company is returning to CES for a second time to showcase its flagship family of products, which is slated to increase from three models to five in the near future.

A protective “invisible mask” of negative ions

The current pandemic outbreak and greater awareness of air pollution have made increasing numbers of people concerned with the quality of air they breathe. Founded on the company’s vision to design products to bring better living quality and protection to loved ones, Airvida uses negative ion technology to create “an invisible mask” that effectively shields against airborne particles (including PM2.5, formaldehyde, and pollens), smoke, bacteria, and viruses. Despite its reputation as the world’s smallest air purifier, Airvida still delivers powerful air purifying functionality. Worn around the neck, this wearable device generates two million negative ions per second through its patented double-vents, creating 100 times the concentration of negative ions found in nature. The ions in this swarm rapidly cling to airborne particles, turning them into bigger and heavier chunks, which gravity sends quickly groundward. This process effectively eliminates harmful particles from being inhaled.

Designed by experts from Taiwan and Germany, all products in the Airvida series have been certified by professional laboratories worldwide, including SGS (Switzerland), Japan Association of Ion Research, Far Infrared Association (Japan), and others. The removal rate for PM2.5 pollen and viruses is 99.9%. The removal rate is 99.0% for formaldehyde and 96.8% for bacteria. ible Airvida products also comply with European CE regulations and standards on ozone and radiation safety. Currently, ible Technology Inc. has filed patents in four regions, including the United States, China, Europe, and Japan.

Growth doubled in 2020

In the wake of COVID-19, air purifier sales across the globe have increased, and the market is expected to continue to grow throughout the coming several years. Before the arrival of the novel coronavirus at the beginning of 2020, Airvida received the “Silver Award” in the epidemic prevention category in 2019 from Taiwan’s Symbol of National Quality (SNQ), the nation’s most important biomedical certification organization. As the COVID-19 pandemic persists and air purifying devices become more ubiquitous, style and portability are becoming increasingly important considerations in addition to functionality. In 2020, ible Technology Inc. saw revenue grow from the sale of its wearable devices by 228%. This is a significant increase from its compounded growth rate of 126% during the period 2016-2019.

ible Technology Inc. plans to release two new models to complete its product family in the near future. Products in the current Airvida line of Airvida include the M1, L1 and C1 models, for men, women and children, respectively. Ible Technologies Inc. plans to continue developing sales opportunities in its current 10+ markets and finding partners and distributors in new countries.


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