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Fourdesire’s new game-based productivity tool ‘'To-Do Adventure” helps users get things done by building islands


Last week, Fourdesire, Taiwan's mobile app developer best known for Plant Nanny, released its fourth game-based productivity tool called 'To-Do Adventure' on iOS. The android version will be out by the end of 2020.

In the app, users can record their plans for the day and set goals and deadlines. Upon completion of a task, they can build a hexagonal island on their map. Islands will be connected horizontally when users achieve the tasks on the same day.

Additionally, users can regularly review their weekly performance, reexamine the tasks requiring the most energy, and reschedule unfinished tasks.

A randomly shaped plate appears on the sea surface once a task is completed.

Inspired by Ryder Carroll's viral bullet journal method, To-Do Adventure aims to boost self-awareness, apart from helping users manage their daily tasks better.

"Most productivity tools in the market are either too complicated or too boring. We hope to turn every user's Life into an adventure and make every single task worthy of record through To-Do Adventure, helping users rediscover themselves," said Chen Wei-Fan, founder and CEO of Fourdesire.

He added that it is crucial for users to reflect on their progress on the app and make adjustments based on that.

"Life isn't about checking off 98 out of a hundred tasks on a to-do list. It should be about: Out of a hundred tasks, which ones did you prioritize and eliminate?" Chen said.

When it comes to design, Fourdesire turns to Pixar, a softer, warmer, and more approachable style, as its reference to catering to a broader international audience. There are five themes in the app — Aqua Island, Neon Rain City, Star Space Station, Misty Factory, and Sunset Snow Mountain.

Before To-Do Adventure, Fourdesire had launched three lifestyle-enhancing apps: Fortune City, Walkr, and Plant Nanny. It has garnered 27 million users worldwide. Among them, more than 5% are paid subscribers. Plant Nanny, an app that motivates users to drink more water, was awarded the best app of 2019 on Google Play.

"Most of us know that staying well-hydrated is important, but changing behaviors and establishing new routines can be daunting — especially if we're too busy or lack strong motivation," Chen said.

"Plant Nanny2 is a water reminder app with a twist. We give you a cute plant to care for, and every time you drink water, you help the plant grow. You're watering a plant and yourself at the same time!"

Fourdesire, founded in 2012, aims to help people build skills, habits and solve their problems through fun experiences and gamification. The founding team considers games as a new way of experiencing Life.

"The main difference between Fourdesire and other game developers is that we focus on solving everyday problems. We make work and play coexist," he added.

The company name refers to Chen's four desires in Life — sunlight, air, water, and fun. The name is also partly inspired by Shiheyuan, a traditional Chinese-style quadrangle courtyard found in Taiwan, as Chen wants its global audience to know its Taiwanese roots.