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awoo, Repro ink partnership to spearhead Taiwan’s Martech agenda


In late June, Taiwan’s AI Martech startup awoo announced a strategic partnership with Repro, a customer engagement platform (CEP) startup based in Tokyo, to strengthen the development of e-commerce solutions for Taiwan’s retail market.

Together, the partnership leverages awoo's existing customer experience optimisation (CXO) platform nununi and Repro’s CEP — which will be introduced to Taiwan’s e-commerce market in the second half of the year — to offer a holistic solution for their clients.

The collaboration aims to tackle three common pain points for marketing: High customer acquisition cost, insufficient digital interaction with brands, and poor customer shopping experience, and it strives to drive digital marketing return on investment.

A spokesperson from awoo told Meet that awoo and Repro specialize in purchasing marketing and engagement marketing, respectively. Through the partnership, companies can orchestrate their marketing stack and ultimately build a comprehensive omnichannel marketing automation platform.

In addition to this, awoo will help Repro to enter Taiwan, and Repro will facilitate awoo’s expansion in Japan in return.

Jose Lin, founder and CEO at awoo (left) and Satoshi Kawashima, chief revenue officer for Asia-Pacific at Repro (right)

Founded in Taiwan, awoo is an AI-driven Martech platform aiming to deliver integrated marketing services focusing on traffic growth automation, SEO automation, conversion optimisation, remarketing, and customer digital experience.

Awoo’s nununi is a CXO platform that connects touchpoints between behavior understanding and product comprehension. With AI, Nununi analyzes and interprets Google’s search intent – meaning a user’s ultimate purpose when they enter a query on a search engine – and directs users to landing pages and tags tied to consumer behavior.

The AI-powered solution also combines various marketing tools through AI tags, which potentially doubles or triples product web views while creating a seamless online and offline customer experience.

Speaking of the partnership, awoo founder and CEO Jose Lin commented, “This partnership with Repro is our first step in grooming a Martech ecosystem in Asia.”

Established in Tokyo in 2014, Repro is a CEP that serves more than 7,300 corporate clients across 66 countries. Harnessing omnichannel data, Repro analyzes customer viewing and spending habits and delivers more personalized messages.

“In Taiwan, e-commerce penetration rate is high and mobile app usage is prevalent. In addition, this year’s pandemic has accelerated the entire e-commerce industry. I foresee vast potential in Taiwan’s e-commerce market,” Satoshi Kawashima, Repro’s chief revenue officer for Asia-Pacific, said.

He added that when companies adopt personalised marketing tools, they often overwhelm consumers with messages, which negatively affects how consumers perceive the brand.

In light of this, Repro first identifies customers’ needs and then develops a marketing strategy. The customer satisfaction consulting service, which will be debuted in Taiwan by the end of the year, help marketers send their message to target customers when they are the most receptive.

Moving forward, awoo told Meet that the company hopes to expand its footprint to other countries in Southeast Asia in addition to Japan and eventually become a one-stop digital marketing solution provider.

Besides Repro, awoo is also forging partnership with several Martech solution providers in Japan, perfecting the customer journey from first interaction and onward.

To support the growing Martech ecosystem, the startup is regularly co-hosting seminars, webinars, and publishing whitepapers.

In September 2019, awoo announced partnership with three other Martech startups in Taiwan, namely iKala, CloudAD, and Crescendo Lab, to establish a Martech ecosystem in Taiwan.

Awoo is known for rejecting the biggest Chinese internet giants. About a decade after founding awoo, Lin was approached by Jack Ma from Alibaba Group and China’s largest search engine Baidu for collaboration separately, according to Taipei Times. He rejected both of them and collected about US$1 million from Silicon Valley entrepreneurs as he was determined to make awoo a household name globally without Chinese influence.