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KooData uses live streaming to help SMEs fight against COVID-19


KooData, a Taiwan-based digital marketing startup, turns live streaming into a rescue boat for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to survive the chilling offline retail market at the times of coronavirus pandemic.

KooData launched, a weekly live streaming show, to connect streamers with SMEs to promote their products and allow the audience to place their orders during the streaming. At time of publishing, the show schedule of is fully booked by local brands till August. KooData is expecting to introduce at least another 100 Taiwanese brands for the second season of its streaming show.

SMEs can now move online for the retail market to cope with the challenges brought by COVID-19.

Realizing many retailers lack experience in implementing online marketing plans or running an e-commerce channel, KooData launched the streaming show this April. Using EasyLive, KooData’s broadcasting platform, companies can showcase their products while the audience can place their orders by writing +1 in the comment section. On customers’ end, they will instantly receive recipes for their orders. On shoppers’ end, they will receive live data analysis on participation, interaction and merchandise sold. In this case, SMEs can save money and resources on order export and inventory calculation.

Later in May, KooData invited experienced streamers, who are named as “kooOL”, to join the show and introduce the products as not all entrepreneurs are chatty in front of the camera. kooOL are from all professions, can be housewives, travellers and food critics, for a variety of products and audience from various age groups.

KooData is expected to work with a logistics platform in launching contactless delivery service later this year, to ensure consumers enjoy a one-stop contactless experience from making their orders to getting the products on hand.

EasyLive allows instant interactions between streamers and audience to eliminate the effect of social distancing to one’s shopping experience.

Besides EasyLive, KooData also provides Vivido and KooAds as marketing tools for clients to develop their online presence. Vivido is a short video editing application which provides images and music samples for SMEs to create motions in order to establish their brands. KooAds is an advertisement management application. Users can track their advertisements and their effectiveness on multiple social media in one go.

The number of live streaming hosts by businesses went up 35% in the first three months in 2020 compared to the same period last year. The amount of orders made by the audience during the streaming show increased 7 times on a year over year basis. The average length of a streaming went from 68 minutes to 106 minutes, showing a 55% growth when compared to the first quarter in 2019. The pandemic does not limit the purchasing power of the Taiwanese if companies find the right way.

“Our initiative is to make better uses of tools for helping clients to solve their problem,” said Vivian Meng, the co-founder of KooData. “We are a human oriented business.”

Founded in 2015, KooData helps its clients with social media advertising using Google AdWords, Line and Facebook and Youtube. KooData was then merged with Fiiser in November 2018 to expand its business to live streaming marketing, leveraging on Fiiser’s EasyLive to integrate advertisement management, live streaming and video creation into one business solution for SMEs.

In December 2018, KooData announced they have raised $2.5M in its Series A funding led by China Development Financial Holding Corporation. The funding was used for overseas expansion, product development and talent acquisition.

KooData has now expanded its business map to Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Malaysia.