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Taiwan AI tech startups to stand out for global recognition at CES Eureka Park 2020


Since 2012, CES has served as a global expo for more than 1,200 startups from more than 40 countries and have been funded with more than $1.5 billion. This year, CES Eureka Park 2020 will be held in Las Vegas on 7-10 January 2020, where investors and corporations are attending to fund new ideas and forge new partnerships and acquisitions. With dozens of global media coverage, CES Eureka Park is easily one of the best international platforms for new startups to showcase their best products and get worldwide recognition onward to becoming the next unicorn.

This buzz-worthy exhibition is an opportunity to be seized by many new startups, encompassing various forms of tech innovations and providing solutions to a slew of today’s problems. As such, three Taiwan-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) startups facilitated by Taiwan AI x Robotics Accelerator (TAIRA), an accelerator program for startups developing AI and robotics technologies, are taking this chance to steal the spotlight.

Healthtech and Medtech making their global mark

Big Data Mobile is a company that specialises in the commercialisation of technologies related to smart healthcare, media AI, and products. With technical cooperation among some well-known Taiwan and United States universities, the company focuses on AI technology that can accurately determine the area of vascular occlusion as a means to provide a more accurate index for cardiologists.

Around half of the 50 million people in the US and Europe alone are not aware of their arteriosclerosis index until it leads to a critical stage such as peripheral arterial disease. Screening at the hospital is one way to prevent it but it is nearly impossible during the early stage and only 10% of patients presenting typical symptoms are accurately diagnosed.

The company’s leading product, AI-Screening is a combination of portable hardware and mobile application to help measure user’s arteriosclerosis index and obtain report in just one minute. Users simply change their smartphone back case with B.D Mobile back case and install the app called “iScreening”.

“iScreening provides real-time quantitative arteriosclerosis index of the aorta in the app. Our innovation provides aorta arteriosclerosis index to small devices that allows customers to measure the index anytime and anywhere,” said CMO Joyce.

The product is developed with an A.I. interpretation of the biomedical system to accelerate the labeling of cardiovascular index, such as pulse wave velocity, blood pressure, and HRV. This helps give immediate analysis reports for doctors to provide accurate diagnosis and pharmaceutical suggestion.

As it integrates data and algorithm calculated on the AI platform, AI Screening is also ready for trial operation to provide the best diet analysis report based on the cardiovascular index.

In the near future, B.D Mobile will develop a product to provide quantitative arteriosclerosis index that includes aorta and peripheral artery.

“B.D Mobile started from developing algorithms, signal processing, and developed our own circuits and hardware. Currently, we focus on software-side big data analysis and the establishment of AI models and data collection,” continued Joyce who also co-founded the company back in 2014.

Now with support from TAIRA, the company targets to establish a wider network next year with manufacturers and hospitals to complete more data collection and integrated supply chain.

“We plan to have customer relationship establishment, product function integration, market research, FDA certification information,” added Joyce explaining what things to expect from their participation in CES Eureka Park 2020.

Internet of Things for car owners

Another TAIRA-supported startup that will also be exhibiting in TTA Taiwan Tech Pavilion at CES Eureka Park 2020 is 3drens, a B2B Internet of Things (IoT) solution provider that builds vehicle intelligence platform by using data collection and IoT technologies to empower mobility industries.

Focusing on optimising operations, 3drens provides a comprehensive tool that can cover almost everything for a commercial vehicle business owner to maximise a vehicle’s ROI.

“3drens product Fleet Intelligence Platform is designed to provide a one-stop solution to the whole-network scheduling, commanding, and monitoring space. This is a completely data-driven IoT platform designed for commercial fleet owners including vehicle rentals, logistics, public transportation, and automakers,” said CEO Oeo Yu.

The platform is also software-based so it can be basically integrated to any hardware, and includes many useful features such as geofence, map trajectory, driver performance reports, and issue management.

“Furthermore, we provide capacity matching, distribution tracking and route optimisation for LSPs (Logistics Service Providers),” added OeO, who also came from many experiences of developing smart city projects before co-founding the company.

Founded in 2017, 3drens was the brainchild of Oeo with CTO Chungdial Lim and COO Jammy Yu, with the intention of seizing the tremendous prospect of IoT, a smart computing system that integrates any device with the internet.

The company then was selected by TAIRA to be fostered in its accelerator program. It was an essential boost to the company’s success as they were equipped with funding, resources, and collaborations with enterprise clients.

“In addition, Starfab (TAIRA) continuously refers us to their corporate partners, even if we already graduated from the accelerator program. We recommend startups to join StarFab which is really a quality accelerator.”

Indeed the journey doesn’t end as they are now participating again at the much anticipated CES Eureka Park 2020 to reach international markets. “We are looking for corporate partners such as 3rd party logistic corporate partners, shippers, and domestic distributors,” said OeO.

More AI startups from the Taiwan ecosystem

In the same tone, Memorence AI also expects to grow even bigger as an artificial intelligence company, especially with their participation in the CES Eureka Park 2020.

Focusing on human-machine interactive AI learning system, the company aims firstly to change the way and the experience for people who want to build AI-based visual understanding and recognition applications. Secondly, it aims to build a learning system with human-like memories to enhance the capability of AI. And thirdly, it aims to improve the production quality and operation efficiency with AI for professionals such as smart factory engineers and radiologists.

“By doing so, we assist every professionals with great experience in building their high-precision visual recognition applications and therefore make sure end-customer receives the safest and highest quality products and services,” said Founder and CEO Pai-Heng Hsiao.

Founded in 2018, Memorence AI consists of a team of technology experts on AI, software, sensor & edge device, and brain theory scientist.

Their latest creation, Memorence Suite, is an AI learning system with graphical user interface for people without AI backgrounds to easily and efficiently build their high-precision AI applications without coding. It includes advanced features such as auto-labeling, multi-class recognition, and continuously incremental learning.

“We provide AI visual learning and recognition systems for enterprise and consumer solutions. Users include smart factories, health care industries, and continue to expand applications in different fields,” explained Pai-Heng who has 10 years of experience as an AI scientist.

Throughout his experience, manual operation has been a long-time concern as it was subject to human mistakes. Memorence AI was founded to show real commitment in improving quality and efficiency for consumer daily and industry operations.

“At present, the company is in the growth stage, and we are currently accepting the training of TAIRA accelerator which is very helpful to us.” Now with CES Eureka Park 2020 is in sight, Memorence AI is well-prepped to demonstrate their AI learning platform to enterprise professionals and consumers. “We want to find potential customers and business partners, increase company awareness, and survey markets needs and feedback,” added Pai-Heng.

Like the previous two startups, the company was facilitated by TAIRA in setting up collaborations, technical platforms, and funds to be further prepped with business and fundraising opportunities, allowing the company to increase market shares and acquire more clients.

As AI startups are blooming in Taiwan’s technology ecosystem, Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) and StarFab Accelerator — two of Taiwan’s leaders in modern tech — came together to initiate a platform that would bridge the gap between AI startups and enterprise corporations in Taiwan.

The idea eventually formed TAIRA, a program to accelerate AI startups in building partnerships with top companies and support them in acquiring resources to help vitalise further Taiwan’s startup ecosystem.

As TAIRA-supported startups, Big Data Mobile, 3drens and Memorence AI have passed the CES 2020 qualification to exhibit their finest contributions in AI technology for potential investors and enterprise corporations across the globe to witness and potentially invest in. As such, Taiwan’s future is shaping up to become an important AI talent hub for the international market.

This article was first published on e27, on 30 Dec, 2019.