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AppWorks reveals 18 AI/blockchain startups from its latest batch on demo day


On Nov. 26, Taipei-based accelerator AppWorks has unveiled the 18 startups from its latest batch. Founders of these teams, 4 and 14 focusing on blockchain/crypto and AI/IoT technologies, are put on stage to pitch in front of potential investors and corporate partners from Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

Six of them hail from Taiwan while the others come from Southeast Asia and elsewhere around the world, i.e., Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, New Zealand, Canada, and the US.

More than half of the founders in this batch are serial entrepreneurs, with many who have worked for established tech companies like Google, Qualcomm, Samsung, MediaTek, Agoda, IBM Watson, Initium Media, and PepsiCo.

Appworks demo day #19

Founded in 2009, AppWorks has run its six-month accelerator program for almost a decade and built a global network of 376 active startups and 1,113 founders. It has started to recruit only startups focusing on AI and blockchain technologies since last year.

“The twice a year AppWorks Demo Days have always been the go-to event for investors and corporate leaders to witness firsthand the development of cutting-edge technologies and their business applications that have a GSEA (Great Southeast Asia, the region encompassing Taiwan and ASEAN countries) twist as well as meeting future startup stars," AppWorks Chairman and Partner Jamie Lin said at the opening of the event.

AppWorks believes "the founder-focused showcase underpins the case that Taiwan as a startup hub is an integral component of this growth region."

Lin further points out the potential of GSEA and what it means for Taiwan: "Within only 18 months, AppWorks alumni have expanded their presence in GSEA 1.6x, testimony that the accelerator and the country are a launchpad for founders driving business change in a region where population growth is rising 3.5x the pace in Greater China."

AppWorks says all of the founders who pitched on the event have demonstrated considerable traction in their markets and many have used Taiwan as a launchpad for potential accelerated growth throughout the entire GSEA region.

Here are the startups from its 19th batch:

  • Telepod (Singapore): urban mobility with a network of swappable battery kiosks.
  • Dent&Co (Taiwan): medical AI chatbot.
  • Mellow (Hong Kong): mobile finance solution for kids and parents.
  • Matters (Hong Kong): shared infrastructure for content creators on blockchain.
  • Beseye (Taiwan): AI Video analysis platform for security cameras.
  • Blyng (France): conversational AI chatbot for real estate.
  • Self Token (Taiwan): integrating entertainment and blockchain technology.
  • Fluv (US): pet care platform for local sitters and pet parents.
  • WeavAir (Canada): smart sensor and predictive analytics that helps building owners and service providers save energy, improve indoor air quality & prevent equipment failure.
  • portto: make blockchain simple and accessible for everyone.
  • KaChick (Hong Kong): AI-powered platform that connects travelers with local photographers and experiences through business partnerships in Asia.
  • Arical (Hong Kong): AI real estate investment predictive analytics platform.
  • Dapp Pocket (Taiwan): crypto wallet app for Dapp lovers.
  • FourCons (Indonesia): one-stop solution for heavy equipment needs.
  • Gigvvy Science (New Zealand): AI platform for science research publishing.
  • OnGrad (Hong Kong): AI career learning platform.
  • SparkAmplify (US): AI-powered PR service.
  • Whoopee Robot (Taiwan): AIoT controller for robot arm in the service industry, like a turn-key robot arm solution for coffee shops.
Bryan Chou

Bryan Chou is a Taiwan-based and born journalist who writes about innovation and entrepreneurship for Business Next and Meet. Over the past five years, he has written for a student press, translated numerous magazine pieces, and worked as an intern in two startups. He believes what shapes him into who he is today is not only these experiences but the people he has interacted with and the stories he has learned from them.

He has a BA in Foreign languages and literatures from NTU. After graduation, he spent a year in Prague, traveling extensively around Europe to learn about the history and culture of the region from local people. Currently based in Taipei, he hopes to present the best of Taiwan to the world.