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Peruvian specialties including alpaca products now available at

Commercial Office of Peru in Taipei

Drilling straight through the earth's center from Taiwan, you may come out in South America. A far-flung destination, the products made in the region can be simply one click away.

Today, 14 Peruvian designer brands and their 100+ items have been introduced to, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Taiwan, with the support from PROMPERÚ, the national tourism board for Peru, and the Commercial Office of Peru in Taipei, the de facto Peruvian embassy to Taiwan. Taiwanese consumers now can enjoy a wide variety of products imported from Peru, including chocolate, coffee beans, silver accessories, as well as scarves and shawls made of alpaca fleece.

They are put together in a special section on named "Peruvian Pavilion."

Juan Luis Kuyeng Ruiz, the director of the Peruvian office in Taipei, said it has always been his "dream" to launch an e-commerce project to bring the specialities from his hometown to Taiwan since he was a student of business here. "Peru is more than just Machu Picchu," he said.

Now, the dream has come true. It's the first and only project of this type in Taiwan to be led by the government of a foreign country, he claimed. Besides the e-commerce platform, he said he hopes that these products may be sold though TV shopping channels as well.

A total of 50+ Peruvian brands and 1000+ items will be brought to the platform soon, the distributor ST.MALO.W. said.

Bryan Chou
Journalist & Global PR

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