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MassChallenge launches acceleration program with Linkou Startup Terrace, its first platinum partner in Asia


Since the beginning of this year, Linkou Startup Terrace, officially launched on Oct. 17, has been working together with Boston-based startup accelerator MassChallenge for the acceleration program Bridge to Mass Challenge Taiwan (B2MC Taiwan), with the support from Taiwan’s Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (SMEA) and Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA). Yesterday, the Startup Terrace revealed that the partnership has been further strengthened, with the organization granted the title of global platinum partner, the first in Asia.

Digital Transformation Association (DTA), an entity focusing on digital transformation for enterprises and promoting the government's plan at the Startup Terrace, said it feels glad to gather support from BE Capital and Inspiring Super Ideas for the acceleration program as well. Its Chairman Jen-Ran Chen, now also Taiwan Ambassador-At-Large, said DTA shares the same vision with MassChallenge. "Facing various social and economic challenges, every government should work with enterprises, investors, and higher education institutes to train entrepreneurs that are able to drive innovation," he said.

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The acceleration program, featuring the Boston bootcamp where participants will receive "tailored training and workshops, additional mentoring opportunities, unique access to the city’s business ecosystem," attracted 206 startup teams from 44 countries within 6 weeks. SMEA said this explains that Taiwan has its appeal for tech startups across the globe.

Before the finalists eligible for the week-long bootcamp were announced earlier this month, 25 teams had taken part in a 4-month program in Taipei offering in-depth trainings, networking opportunities, and one-on-one mentoring sessions, as well as "access to ICT manufacturing healthcare, and agri-food resources" in Taiwan — what B2MC Taiwan hopes the selected startups to leverage to expand to the global market.

The finalists are 14 startups focusing on diverse areas (healthcare, clean tech, and social impact) and coming from all parts of the world (Canada, Denmark, France, India, Taiwan, and the US).

"MassChallenge is proud to partner with SMEA of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, to strengthen Taiwan’s presence on the global innovation map and connect the B2MC Taiwan companies with the global market and MassChallenge’s global network," said Brittany McDonough, Director of Global Partnerships at MassChallenge, according to its site.


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