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CloudMile and mlytics launch one-stop CDN platform MileCDN to optimize web performance and user experience

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Last weekend, during this year's Cloud Expo Asia in Singapore, cloud service provider CloudMile has unveiled MileCDN, a new multi content delivery network (multi-CDN) platform the startup co-developed with mlytics.

This one-stop CDN portal is launched to optimize web performance, enhance data security, and create seamless user experience for government agencies as well as gaming, telecom, and finance companies.

Founded in 2017, CloudMile specializes in AI, deep learning, and big data analytics, offering cloud consulting services and solutions across APAC. Last year, it has raised $2.6M Series A round and announced partnership with search engine giant Elastic.

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Three main features of the new platform

“As the amount of information continues to grow, the growth and profitability of a business are determined by how it enables users to receive information seamlessly from its website and to build relationship with its brand in a secure environment,” said Locarno Pan, CloudMile’s Head of Business Development, APAC.

To build such environment, MileCDN protects Internet services in real time. Its refined web application firewall (WAF) prevents OWSAP's Top 10 security risks and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.

MileCDN also enables one-stop management. With clear and intuitive user interface, the platform allows customers to produce a data analysis report effortlessly to evaluate website performance.

Powered with an AI for load balancing, MileCDN helps companies expanding into China, a country with a vast territory, improve the distribution of workloads across multiple CDN service providers who have different plans to deploy their data centers.

"MileCDN, along with its CDN partners, owns approximately 2,000 CDN nodes combined in and around China," Edward Hu, Growth Marketing Manager of mlytics said. "We can cut the page load time by 50% and bring the best user experience to our customers in China.”

CloudMile has been partnering with Cloudflare, one of the service providers on this platform. The company expects MileCDN to provide diverse and comprehensive cloud services based on this successful partnership and help businesses focusing on China and APAC markets to communicate brand messages with accuracy.


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