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Luft launches second generation personal air purifier on Indiegogo


On Oct. 8, Taiwan-based startup LUFT has launched a new Indiegogo campaign for its second generation personal air purifier, Luft Cube, featuring the capability to break down harmful substances in the air 25% more efficiently than the first-generation product. Its "super early bird special" price is now set at $79.

LUFT, named after the German word for "air," is founded in 2017 as a "personal crusade to treat allergies." Inspired by the German passion for precision and minimalistic design, co-founders Titus Chang and Morgan Sung leverage their experience in the LED industry to create "a rebel in the air purifier market," as LUFT put it. They also believe Taiwan's strong ultraviolet LED technology should be applied more widely in sterilization.

With its first generation air purifier Luft Qi, the company had raised $200 on Zeczec (Taiwan's crowdfunding platform) and later $300k on Indiegogo. On Zeczec, it raised NT$1M ($32 thousand) within five days, five times the funding goal.

The new product, likewise, is a portable air purifier designed for a wellness lifestyle. “It’s filterless, no maintenance needed," said Chang. "Most importantly, it can do what other air purifiers can’t do."

With the patented Solid-State Photocatalysis Purification (SPP) nanotechnology, Luft Cube works 25% more efficiently than Luft Qi. “When UV LED light activates nano-reactor, a chemical reaction is triggered, ” Chang explains. “Superoxide ions and radicals formed on the surface of photocatalyst can break down pollutants into harmless molecules, water and carbon dioxide molecules. Instead of trapping pollutants like what traditional HEPA air purifiers do, LUFT Cube destroys them.”

Powered by USB type-C, this compact air purifier can be plugged into power bank, laptop, desktop, adaptor, or any USB outlets in aircraft and car. Compared with the previous generation, it produces less noise (noise level lower than 25dB) and stands more steadily with a low center of gravity. Inside the device is a washable anti-bacterial metal mesh that can be easily twisted open at the bottom and taken out to be cleaned.

Luft Cube is available in 2 colors

LUFT describes the design of this new product as "aesthetically pleasing." "Have you seen an air purifier so simple to use, so easy to carry around, and so nice to look at?” Chang asked with great confidence. “We are looking forward to giving all our backers an amazing and beautiful product.” It's available in two colors, rose gold and silver, and goes with a complimentary air deflector cap of the chosen color.

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