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Apple Works with Soy Sauce Brewery in Taiwan on Green Energy


Apple, having claimed to power all its facilities with clean energy, is developing rooftop solar arrays with Taiwan's soy sauce brewery Wan Ja Shan.

Before the end of this year, solar panels will be installed on the rooftop of the 50,000-square-meter soy sauce facility in the southern Taiwanese county of Pingtung, according to Wan Ja Shan manager Tony Chung.

The generated energy will be provided for not only Wan Ja Shan and Apple but also the state-owned Taiwan Power Company.

Allegedly, the two companies have negotiated for 18 months to reach this agreement.

The news was unveiled on Aug. 22 by the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), an organization that has certified and verified the source and quality of renewable energy used by more than half of the US enterprises under its Green-e certification program.

CRS plans to offer certification to Apple's solar project in Taiwan as it has been done before in Singapore, where Apple launched a similar project and generated 32 megawatt of electric power from 800 rooftop solar stations.

Apple will also help CRS expand its certification program to renewable energy projects based in Taiwan. A new standard will be tailored according to local regulations, policies, and environment.

"CRS is excited to launch its Green-e renewable energy standard in Singapore and Taiwan with Apple's support," said CRS Executive Director Jennifer Martin. "The new Singapore and Taiwan standards and Apple's pilot projects will create opportunities to rapidly increase renewable energy development and adoption throughout Asia."

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