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Meet 10 Startups Graduating from Mobile Only Accelerator MOX Batch 7


MOX, the mobile only accelerator that propels mobile app startups into the world’s emerging markets, has graduated its seventh batch on August 27.

With startups from India, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia, the cohort includes already profitable global players and seed-stage startups with sizable user bases in their home countries. Demo Day will take place on August 27 in Taipei and August 30 in Singapore, and both events will be streaming live.

“The first billion internet users accessed the Internet using their PCs, but the next four billion users — Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and South America — are mobile-only," said William Bao Bean Managing Director of MOX and General Partner of SOSV. "Hundreds of millions of users are getting on the Internet with smartphones."

"MOX helps startups from around the world win in India and Indonesia, South East Asia and South Asia through our accelerator focused on localization, monetization and free user acquisition,” he added.

By partnering with promotion partners such as mobile operators in each country, MOX enables the strongest mobile startups from around the world expand into new markets without spending money on customer acquisition.

Meet the startups

Whatscut Pro (India)

Everyone wants their posts to get hundreds of likes but only a few can become influencers. Whatscut Pro turns any video into share-worthy content shot and edited on the go. With close to 1M downloads and 5M stories shared, we put the wow factor into videos for social media and messengers.

Chekk (Hong Kong)

Chekk enables banks, insurance companies and fintechs to onboard and manage customers – one platform all products, all countries, end to end – and the consumers and businesses to control their own Digital Identity including what they share and to whom it’s shared.

NATBAY (Thailand)

NATBAY is a luxury fashion and lifestyle platform offering hard-to-find clothing and accessories from the world’s most prestigious designers. NATBAY’s designer relationships ensure the latest designs, authenticity, and great prices.

Vidyakul (India)

Vidyakul is an online learning platform connecting star educators with Indian students. Vidyakul bridges students and teachers across India in multiple vernacular languages at an affordable price. We deliver the best tutors to students over their smartphones.

Podd (India)

Podd is a credit trust bureau for India enabling merchants to better understand their customers and consumers to carry their reputational score from one merchant to the next.

PlayTooMe (India)

PlayTooMe enables anyone with friends to perform in their own concert – live and on stage! Choose a time, sell the tickets, and Playtoome does the rest: providing the venue, production, recording and live streaming. Anyone can be a star!

Woovly (India)

Everyone has a bucket list. Woovly is a community helping turn dreams into reality through content, sharing and recommendations from climbing Mount Everest to getting that tattoo.

Phable (India)

Phable helps doctors improve patient treatment compliance by 70% with continuous patient monitoring via our machine learning-enabled IOT platform. We have signed the #2 hospital group in India and are growing 35% MoM.

Zotezo (India)

Health and wellness influencers leverage the Zotezo platform to reach and engage their followers interested in curated health, beauty & fitness content, products and services.

PinjamWinWin (Indonesia)

PinjamWinWin provides the 185m unbanked in Indonesia with fast and easy loans for individuals & small businesses. We are profitable and growing by triple digits every year.

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