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17 Media to Send Taiwanese Programmers to Japan to Build New Tech Team

17 Media

Live video streaming app 17 Media is now recruiting Taiwanese programmers to build a strong technical team for its Japan-based branch.

At the end of 2018, one year after it was founded, the branch announced that it has taken the lead in this app category in Japan and received a revenue close to that from the market in Taiwan.

So far, the development of the app's Japanese version has primarily been supported by the technical team in Taiwan. However, Richard Zheng, COO of 17 Media Japan, said as the company grows rapidly in Japan, this form of cooperation is becoming ineffective, failing to meet the need of a large group of Japanese users and streamers.

He came to Taiwan last week to promote this recruitment plan. New programmers will still be working with the Taiwan-based headquarter, so Japanese language skills aren't required. Instead, communication and technical skills are more valuable and important for the company.

Zheng said he hopes these programmers will exchange their ideas with the Japan team and ignite new possibilities.

17 Media at COSCUP
17 Media

Last weekend, at the Conference for Open Source Coders, Users and Promoters (COSCUP), 17 Media also announced that it will hire a number of engineers in Taiwan to optimize app performance and build a better ecosystem for live streaming.

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