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E-Commerce Platform Citiesocial to Work with Makuake to Explore Southeast Asian market


Last week, e-commerce startup Citiesocial announced its collaboration with Japan's biggest crowdfunding platform Makuake to introduce the latest and most authentic Japanese-style products to Southeast Asia.

Founded in 2011, this Taiwan-based online shopping site offers an eclectic curated collection of goods from more than two thousand brands to its members in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. It has completed its seed and series A rounds last year, raising a total of $2.8 million from Alibaba Taiwan Entrepreneurs Fund, CCIA, and Cherubic Ventures.

In September, as Makuake's first e-commerce partner overseas, it will launch 20 fine products on its site — from successful campaigns on the crowdfunding platform. It is the first joint effort of this partnership, which is expected to be long-term.

Now, more than 60% of the campaigns on Makuake are based on specific products, such as electronic devices, lifestyle products, fashion and travel accessories, and etc. They convey a key brand message to potential customers: "your life will be more interesting with these products."

Citiesocial, by offering these new items, seeks to get its customers on the bandwagon to enjoy "Japanese lifestyle," one that features unique, exquisite everyday objects and is therefore widely-liked by people in Asia, especially in Taiwan.

This company has been devoted to introducing the most innovative and creative products from around the world to its platform because, as the founder and CEO Eric Wang said, customers nowadays are more and more keen on the uniqueness of the products.

"Feeling honored" to become Makuake's first overseas retail partner, Citiesocial believes this will be the first step to expand into a new market in Asia.

Bryan Chou

Bryan Chou is a Taiwan-based and born journalist who writes about innovation and entrepreneurship for Business Next and Meet. Over the past five years, he has written for a student press, translated numerous magazine pieces, and worked as an intern in two startups. He believes what shapes him into who he is today is not only these experiences but the people he has interacted with and the stories he has learned from them.

He has a BA in Foreign languages and literatures from NTU. After graduation, he spent a year in Prague, traveling extensively around Europe to learn about the history and culture of the region from local people. Currently based in Taipei, he hopes to present the best of Taiwan to the world.