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TSS Hits RISE in Hong Kong with Taiwan’s Ace Startup Teams Focusing on AI, FinTech, and Hardware


This weekend, Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) is leading five startup teams to RISE in Hong Kong. Following Collision in Toronto and Techsauce in Thailand, it is the third overseas conference they participate in with their batch in 2019.

This three-day conference begins on July 8 and is expected to attract more than 25,000 attendees from 100+ countries, including 1,000+ startups and 500+ world-class speakers.

The line-up of teams for this event was selected from a pool of 50 earlier in April, during the 8th Rock the Mic pitch competition. They were evaluated based on various criteria, including market potential and demonstrable traction.

According to TSS, the chosen five teams, focusing on AI, FinTech, and hardware, “have shown their capabilities and potentials in seeing the needs of rapid development and fulfilling the increasing demand of these booming industries in Hong Kong.”

Top Five Startups to “Redefine Tech” in Hong Kong with Disruptive Innovations

Dipp equips their SaaS platform with an AI-powered ads designer, Massimo. With a data-driven approach, it helps customize social media content and banners across all digital marketing channels, enabling designers to concentrate on their creative work.

Blyng’s AI-driven chatbot works as a real estate agent 24/7. With natural language processing, it processes user queries, asking customers key questions and providing them with the best possible answers before the sales team takes over.

AI4quant’s AI-electrocardiography (ECG) platform integrates heart patch sensors with AI diagnosis for early detection of irregular heartbeat patterns.

Baypay provides crypto payment services powered by blockchain, helping users to transfer money and collect payments directly to the bank account in their local currency, without price volatility or risks.

VAGO develops a small, light, and portable vacuum compressor that helps travelers save up to 50% of their luggage space in five minutes.

It is noteworthy that three of the five teams were also chosen by e27 to attend Echelon in Singapore, representing Taiwan among the top 100 startup teams from Asia.

In Hong Kong, besides attending the conference, TSS and the teams will be visiting local enterprises and organizing interactive workshops with local community partners, including Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks (HKSTP), HKAI LAB, Zerozone, Zeroth.AI, and Explorium. TSS is also holding a community party with its partners, WHub, SOSV, and MOX.

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