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Taiwan Rocks! Startup Team Taiwan Takes Over Collision in Toronto.

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Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) took with 5 teams to attend Collision Tech Conference in Toronto. The teams, coming from the Smart City theme, seek to resolve daily life issues by offering smart solutions. They bring to table top the ideas of smart environment, smart living, smart people, and blockchain infrastructure.

TSS started their trip off with a small networking dinner "Taiwan x Toronto | Bridging Ecosystem" to introduce their lineup of five innovative startups to some local founders and key players.

Networking with local founders in Toronto.
Taiwan Startup Stadium

Following the networking dinner, TSS and the five teams went through three days of intense but rewarding meet and greet at the Collision Conference, hosted at the Enercare Centre.

The big city of Toronto played host to a big conference, featuring five main stages, 700 speakers, 1,100 startups and more than 29,000 attendees from 125 countries. The 5 teams showcased their cool Taiwanese tech to the international market.The conference ended on a good note with the five startups returning with fulfilling connections and opportunities.

Here are some of the Q&As between TSS and the startup teams:
Q: What’s the biggest value that your startup gained at Collision?
Titus, CEO of LUFTQI: For me, I met some local Canadian distributors such as Canadian Tire, Shoppers Drugs Mart, Allergy Butler, etc. These are some valuable connections regarding my potential soft-landing in Canada. I also got the chance to speak with some startup teams for future collaboration opportunities in Taiwan. I was able to scout some local startups doing similar projects with the same target audience in North America and Canada for future business cooperation. Overall, the three days at Collision was very helpful towards my business development in helping me expand my channels.
Marco, co-founder of Cartesi: To my team, the biggest values we gained here at Collision are the opportunities to meet and speak with investors that could be potentially interested in investing in my company.
Dona, growth marketer of SparkAmplify: I would say that BD was the most valuable asset gained at Collision. Before we even attended Collision, I’ve already invited over 40 startups actively using our platform to come visit our booth. I’ve received some good users feedback. Other than startups, I was also able to make good connections with local incubators such as MaRS and DMZ. This trip to Collision has given me a lot of insight into the local Canadian tech media market by speaking with Betakid and Global Hive. When we did our research in Taiwan, we only knew of some good tech media in the States, so it was good to interact with some local tech media here in Canada.
Ham, founder of Lidbot: I gained 15+ solid business development leads out of the conference. I got to speak with a couple of city governments and fast food restaurant chains such as Tim Hortons and Burger King for potential partnerships. I also got to speak with a few media that might have us covered. I would say the biggest value gained was the connections to the sales leads for our potential soft-landing in Toronto.
Klaire, BD manager of INSTO: We launch by region. We’re not ready to launch in regions outside of Taiwan or the United States yet, but we were able to speak to organizations like koho and the local banks here in Canada. These conversations have helped us unveil future collaboration opportunities and uncover the future potential launch, or co-programming with other companies here in Canada.

Q: During this trip, were you able to bond with other startups and entrepreneurs like yourself?

Titus: Yes, since I know the supply chain pretty well, when I discussed with the other startups, we were able to come up with new business ideas. Of the other contacts I met at the Bridging Ecosystem Dinner, I also invited them to join more of TSS’ events to get to know the Taiwanese startup ecosystem. It’s very interesting to hear about the advantages and needs of different startups. It helps me as the listener and them as the speaker to move our companies forward.
Dona: Collision is one of the biggest tech conferences in North America. Everyone here is so confident about showcasing what they have! You’re basically meeting and interacting with a whole bunch of people passionate about what they’re doing, not to even mention most of these people are founders, co-founders, and main leading roles in their companies.

Do you feel like you’ve accomplished the goals you’ve set during the pre-training orientation to level up your business?

Titus: I think I surely did. At the beginning I wasn’t very sure if I’d actually be able to make some good connections, but after Collision ended, I’m very happy with the results and of the business channels I got connected with. Some channels have already expressed an interest in becoming distributors of my product in both North America and Canada. I’ve also acquired potential business collaboration opportunities. The trip definitely exceeded my expectations. Thank you TSS for this great opportunity!
Marco: Some goals I set for myself before I attended Collision include: to speak with Tim Draper, and to gain some media coverage. I was fortunate enough to actually be able to speak with Tim Draper, and I also got two interviews with the media.
Dona: I would say my goal is 80% accomplished. I was able to leverage SparkAmplify to the audience coming from all over the world. We’ve never been to Canada before but we offer global service, so it’s nice to talk to local people and find some potential partners that will help with possible local business development.

Also, this is TSS’ first experience taking startup teams to overseas conferences staying at airbnbs instead of hotels. Check out startups’ feedback of this arrangement.

Marco: The fact that the startups stayed at the same airbnb has allowed me the opportunity to bond with the other Taiwanese entrepreneurs. Just having breakfast at the same table provides some valuable interactions and interesting conversations.
Klaire: I really enjoyed staying at airbnbs with other Taiwanese startups and the TSS crew. Three days of non-stop talking at exhibitions could be exhausting, but the five startups and TSS were there to support each other. We grew stronger bonds.

Before leaving Toronto, TSS, along with their local accelerator partner DMZ, conducted an informative workshop to teach startups the correct mindset to managing their startup companies. DMZ’s Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Phillip Gales and Michael Ho gave th
Taiwan Startup Stadium

Check out these 5 Taiwan Startups at 2019 Collision:
Cartesi: A Linux infrastructure for scalable decentralized applications on the blockchain.
INSTO Taiwan: INSTO flexible, instant payment solutions that allow predictable cash flow for sellers and make everything more affordable for buyers.
LUFTQI: Luft Cube is the smallest filterless air purifier utilizing patented nano-reactor technology to destroy allergens, germs, and toxic gases.
SparkAmplify: SaaS platform maximizes users' potential media outreach by analyzing various media outlets and directing users to the right influencers.
Lidbot: Lidbot is a smart sensor that alerts teams when waste and recycling bins are full, helping both cities and businesses save on collection cost and generate critical data.

Startups & TSS Team in front of #AsiaRocks & #TaiwanRocks Pavilion at Collision.
Taiwan Startup Stadium
Taiwan Startup Stadium

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