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3 Quick Tips to Improve Company Culture at Your Startup

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Startups have been around long enough to make it clear that company culture at these organisations are different from conventional corporations. It is often informal and, to outsiders, may seem to be counterproductive. But it works, proving that sometimes a different approach can yield astounding results.

For those entering the startup industry, your company culture is yours to sculpt. There’s no right or wrong way to do things provided you are giving employees a space to be innovative. After all, that’s what you’re expecting from them.

Here are some aspects of company culture to consider:

Employee welfare

Working at a start-up means long hours and a lot of pressure. You need to make sure your employees are in tip-top shape. Have regular employee wellness checks of the basics such as blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, etc. It helps in the early detection and treatment of some of the most common illnesses in the world today. These include hypertension and type 2 diabetes.

Get your employees moving by offering them exercise opportunities. Have a dedicated area for physical training separate from the office.

Think about including gym equipment such as treadmills. Look for a personal trainer who can offer the best program of exercise for individuals. Each has their own exercise needs, and a personal trainer can best meet them.

Have catering facilities that offer employees healthy food. An unhealthy diet loaded with carbs is typical when working long hours, but it isn’t healthy. One of the best things about this type of facility is that workers won’t want to go out for lunch.

Offer life coaching and counseling services to employees who may find them beneficial. An outlet for stress is beneficial to employees’ mental health.


An essential part of company culture in a start-up is innovation and creativity. You need your employees to be problem-solvers who can come up with inventive solutions.

Make the workspace conducive to creativity. A lot of workers cannot be creative sitting at a desk. Provide couches and open spaces in the office for people to use when they need to think.

Weather permitting, have an outdoor area with a garden where employees can enjoy the sunshine. A lot of people find themselves mentally stimulated when surrounded by nature.

Many of the best ideas come to people when they’re doing something else unrelated to the problem.

A games area is proving popular, but on the understanding that the employee cannot spend the entire day there! Your office is a work environment, and everyone is expected to pull their weight.


No idea, however big or small, should be discounted. Therefore, collaboration is a crucial aspect of coming up with creative solutions to problems. Employees need to feel free to voice their opinions. Your aim as an employer is to achieve your vision.

You expect that your employees share that vision. The best way to do this is to create an inclusive environment and foster diversity. It makes employees feel that they are valued instead of perceiving themselves as nameless, faceless cogs in a machine.

How office space is utilized is critical when it comes to collaboration. The process can only take place in an environment that stimulates it. Open spaces with informal seating give employees a place to sit down and brainstorm.

An open-plan office makes collaboration easier. So does a large break-room where employees can sit down with a cup of coffee and share their suggestions.

Staff cohesion is essential in any workplace, including a start-up. Encourage workers to interact with one another at social events. Celebrate occasions like the International Day of Yoga by having themed team activities.

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