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AsiaIOA Teams Up With e27 at Echelon Asia Summit to Raise International Awareness for Taiwan Startups


Echelon is all about making meaningful connections across the Southeast Asia startup ecosystem and beyond. We are thus proud to share that e27 has partnered with AsiaIOA, with a highlight on the TOP100 Fight Club, part of Echelon Asia Summit 2019, happening on May 23-24 in Singapore.

Formally launched in 2018, AsiaIOA is a Taiwan-based service-provider for institutions of higher learning, corporate accelerators, and government innovation agencies, focused on connecting startup ecosystems between East Asia and Southeast Asia. This is done through offline events management, programme curation, and startup mentoring.

“Though newly founded in 2018, the team has had at least 10 years experience in the East Asia startup ecosystem with a deep dive in Taiwan,” says Kevin Ho, Co-Founder and CEO of AsiaIOA.

“We would like to take this opportunity to expand into the local Southeast Asia startup ecosystem while working with e27 and Echelon to showcase our capabilities and startups to the regional attendees.”

Kevin adds that shared values have contributed greatly to furthering this partnership. “We’ve been working with e27 for almost two years, and since then we’ve known the values that e27, as a Southeast Asia-based online and offline startup platform, can provide.”

The official partnership begins in 2019 with a Memorandum of Understanding between e27 and AsiaIOA to further the collaboration at events, including Echelon Roadshow, TOP100, and Echelon Asia Summit.

“It will be a good initiative to kickoff this partnership by providing our startup partners from Taiwan with the pitching and showcasing opportunities,” Kevin adds.

According to Kevin, Taiwanese startups are good at product and technology development. “However, little do they know how to market and promote themselves on an international stage.”

“We hope that via securing these spotlight sessions for our Taiwan startup partners, we can support them to better expand to Southeast Asian markets and gain media eyeballs to raise brand awareness,” Kevin concludes.

Set for May 23 to 24 at Singapore EXPO, Echelon Asia summit is at full force, bringing together the region’s startup ecosystem in two days of rich discussions, mentoring, networking, and deal-making. Register now for your tickets.

Original news is from e27.