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Polish Tech Startups Seek Business in Taiwan

Polish Investment and Trade Agency Taipei

The eastern European nation of Poland has grown its reputation for technology and innovation over recent years and is now recognized as one of the most startup-friendly ecosystems in Europe – and even beyond.

Warsaw hosts the Wolves Summit, a prominent networking event for startups, investors and corporates, as well as a Google for Startups Campus, which is a space for entrepreneurs to learn, connect and build companies. It’s also home to the MIT Enterprise Forum Central and Eastern Europe.

Invited by Polish Investment and Trade Agency Taipei, the delegation of Polish startups came to visit the island in early March in search of business opportunities.

Business Next spoke with executives from two of these startups, asking them to compare Poland and Taiwan’s startup ecosystems.

EcoLife, founded by Rafal Mrowka in 2016, has invented three devices that allow users to check air quality in their homes and at their workplaces.

“92% of people live in bad air conditions, such as air pollution”, Mrowka said.

“Therefore, Ecolife has developed three major products: “AirSensor”, “AirSensor+” and “Pollution Monitor” in order to better the air quality.”

“AirSensor+” is a universal device for measuring temperature, humidity and Carbon dioxide concentration levels indoors. “AirSensor+” can also measure temperature and humidity outdoors.

“Pollution Monitor” is a device for monitoring smog outdoors, including particulate matter such as PM10, PM2.5 , and PM1. The “Pollution Monitor” has the same function as “AirSensor” for measuring humidity, temperature and pressure.

Based on the data collected by the devices, users can receive behavioral health recommendations.

These innovative services have won awards, including the CES Asia 2017 Innovation Award.

“ The purpose of coming to Taiwan is to seek partners to distribute our products here, for air pollution (now) is a universal problem.

“No one can escape from this bubbling issue for we all need to have clean air to breathe. Therefore, I would like to find some partners to sell our products in Taiwan, such as PChome Online, the biggest e-commerce platform on the island,” Mrowka said.

The other Polish startup, “ Lerta” , is a smart energy company.

The main service provided by “Lerta” is helping energy retailers acquire new customers and retain existing ones.

It offers energy consumption measurement, data analytics that display accurately how the energy is used and applications providing end users with valuable feedback and tips.

Borys Tomala, Lerta’s co-founder, shared his views about his trip in Taiwan.

“ Taiwan is the gateway to the Asian market and during this trip, I’ve signed a MoU with Adventech.

“I am looking forward to having more business opportunities here in Taiwan!”

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