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PChome Online Group’s Ruten Announces Further Cooperation with Ebay, Expanding Customers' Shopping Choices

PChome Online

Ruten, an online shopping site owned by Taiwan’s e-commerce giant PChome Online Group, has announced further cooperation with eBay, expanding shopping choices for Mandarin-language speakers.

Ruten, which is used in both Taiwan and Japan, first began life as a joint venture in 2006 between PChome Online Group and eBay. Now, it will display 13 million new items from the U.S. on its platform.

PChome Online Group Chairman Jan Hung-tze said Taiwanese buyers could easily purchase these items by using the Chinese version of the online interface at and by using local payment systems.

“This is the first Taiwanese e-commerce platform to have such a great opportunity to work closely with a top e-commerce player,” Jan said.

Jooman Park, a senior vice president at eBay, described his company’s new cooperation with PChome Online Group as the most successful of its kind in eBay’s history.

“ Before having cooperation with PChome Online’s Ruten, there were already many buyers and sellers selling or purchasing via (our) English interface,” Park said.

With Ruten’s provision of a Chinese-language interface, Park said, “I am confident that this cooperation can increase buyers purchasing the products,” Park said.

As the largest marketplace in Taiwan, Ruten has more than 11 million members. Over 2 million of them are also sellers on Ruten’s platform. Before this deal was announced, Ruten was already offering its members over 370 million items for purchase.

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