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LINE Taiwan Announces Plans to Combat Misleading Information


LINE Taiwan, a branch of Japan's popular messaging service LINE Corporation, has announced a campaign to combat misleading information that includes a fact-checking service.

LINE Taiwan executives said their messaging app has about 21 million corporate and individual users in Taiwan and it is the most widely-used platform in the democratic nation for circulating news reports.

Caption: Roger Chen, General Manager of LINE Taiwan, introduced several upcoming programs to the attendees.

“The purpose of this plan from LINE is to cooperate with local government and fact-checking organizations together in order to combat false information,” said Roger Chen, General Manager of LINE Taiwan at a recent press event entitled “LINE Converge 2019 Spring.”

LINE users will be able to forward any dubious information they receive to a fact-checking account.

Non-government organizations and companies with expertise in fact-checking will build a database to answer the queries from LINE users. LINE Taiwan has teamed up partners that include Taiwan FactCheck Center, Cofacts, MyGoPen, and Rumtoast.

LINE Taiwan is also working with the Taiwanese government and has set up a link to Cabinet’s website that clarifies and corrects false information.

These efforts have won the praise of Legislative Yuan President Su Jia-chyuan and Vice Premier Chen Chi-mai, who showed their support by attending the press event.

Caption: Vice Premier Chen Chi-mai,whom also serves as head of the Cabinet department for information security, showed his huge support about combating false information at LINE Taiwan's event.

Vice Premier Chen Chi-mai,whom also serves as head of the Cabinet department for information security,echoed the importance of combating all kinds of misleading information;therefore,he praised LINE Taiwan’s action in cooperating with those four fact-checking organization and Executive Yuan’s"Real-time News Clarification",which is the section on the government’s official website launched in May last year.

LINE Taiwan has also announced it will organize a series of online and offline events this year relating to raising awareness of the circulation of false information.

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