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Google Unveils Plans for New Engineering Hub and Recruitment Drive in Taiwan


Google has announced plans for a new engineering hub in Taiwan’s first private telecommunications park, along with a recruitment drive, as executives voicing hopes that the American technology giant could employ more tech-savvy Taiwanese.

The plans for job openings and a new office in the Taipei Far Eastern Telecom Park were unveiled by Rick Osterloh, Google’s senior vice president and Senior Vice President of Google and Chien Lee-feng,the managing director at Google Taiwan at a recent press conference.

Osterloh said that Taiwan played a central part in Google’s vision for the future.

“The criteria and standards for hiring talent is the same internationally for Google. The reason why Google puts its focus in Taiwan is because Taiwan has a good reputation for having high tech talents in both hardware and software,” Chien said.

Caption:Chien Lee-feng,the managing director at Google Taiwan.

This comes after Google last year announced a program for nurturing AI talent in Taiwan.

The executives said the global tech giant wanted to encourage more women to work in areas involving advanced technology.

Chien noted that the company believed women have the potential to do better in tech world. Google was promoting this by holding activities such as having Google’s engineers go to high schools to give speeches or exchange experiences.

Caption: Google Unveils Plans for New Engineering Hub and Recruitment Drive in Taiwan

Last year Google in cooperation with Taiwanese government agencies, universities and other private companies trained over 5,000 AI professionals and 50,000 digital marketing personnel. Chien hopes to double these numbers this year.

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