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Indian Scientist Develops Bra that Can Detect Breast Cancer

George Rudy via Shutterstock

An Indian scientist has developed a bra that can detect breast cancer.

Dr . A Seema, a Scientist with the Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology in the southern state of Kerala, has also won the highest civilian honour for women in the country for her invention.

As per a report by a local daily, the bra is attached with sensors, which can identify the temperature variance of cancer cells while getting divided. This in turn would help in determining whether one is affected by tumour or not.

The micro sensors (sized 1mm length, 1 mm width and 1.5mm deep), which are called probes, are stitched to both cups of the bra and connected to each other. Data collected by them are transferred to computers through a socket in 2D pictures. Data could be also transferred via mobile and Bluetooth.

The apparel is cost less than INR 500 (approximately US$7). Seema says once the mass production is started, the cost can be reduced to just INR 200 (US$3).

The cotton wear is radiation-free.

As per this report, tests were successfully conducted on 117 patients of Malabar Cancer Centre, and the results were same when compared with the mammogram results.

In 2017, Mexican teenager Julian Rios Cantu developed a similar bra, which he says acts as an early warning system for breast cancer symptoms. The idea of the Eva bra is that biosensors would measure temperatures, log them in an app, and alert a user to any disturbing changes.

Original news is from e27.