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Razer to Launch Its e-Wallet Razer Pay in Singapore


Gaming company Razer has confirmed that it will open its e-wallet Razer Pay’s beta version to Singapore-based games in the next few days. In partnership with FOMO Pay, the version will be of a limited launch in the country.

Razer shared the open invitation to fans and gamers to apply for access and those who successfully applied will get a unique access code for the Razer Pay app via text message in the next few days.

“Razer Pay is already one of the largest e-wallets in Malaysia and we plan to provide for interoperability across the border to Singapore in the future. Over the next few weeks to months, we expect tens of thousands of new merchants to begin enabling Razer Pay as part of our partnerships with NETS and FOMO Pay in Singapore,” said Razer co-founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan.

During the beta phase rollout, participants will experience the full functionality of Razer Pay and frequent gaming-focussed promotions and events such as giveaways of Razer Gold, Razer PIN, and other digital content.

Razer also enters into a partnership with FOMO Pay to enable Razer Pay at more than 4,000 merchants and to simplify the process for new merchants to adopt Razer Pay.

With the partnership, both companies will roll out Razer Pay acceptance on FOMO Pay’s existing network of more than 4,000 acceptance points in Singapore. FOMO Pay will also be acting as an official merchant acquirer for Razer Pay with the intention of streamlining the process for new merchants to adopt Razer Pay quicker and more efficiently.

FOMO Pay is a mobile payment aggregator launched in 2015 that helps merchants connect their business to multiple mobile wallets through a QR code, seeking to remove the complexity of working with multiple e-wallet providers.

During the beta phase, users can make payment at all 48 Buzz convenience stores, as well as all Dunkin Donuts outlets islandwide.

The full Singapore launch of Razer Pay will be coming up in H1 2019.

Original news is from e27.