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Taipei-based Accelerator MOX Selects 6 Promising Startups for Demo Day

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Taipei-based accelerator MOX recently kicked off a demo day in Taiwan’s capital, with six global startups offering mobile services in areas ranging from fintech to e-commerce selected for cultivation.

MOX, also known as the Mobile Only Accelerator, is backed by Silicon Valley-based venture capital fund SOSV, which has US$550 million of assets under management.

Mox’s ecosystem now stands at over 30 companies. It will hold another demo day on Mar.1 in Singapore.

The six startups selected from hundreds of applications were Advanced Planet, Coutloot, Flickstree, Phone Par Loan , Primo and UNL. They come from nations ranging from India to Russia.

MOX claims to help mobile startups from around the world acquire millions of users in Southeast Asia, India, Eastern Europe and South America. Over the course of the program, these six startups will receive support from leading mentors, entrepreneurs and industry experts.

The accelerator offers the companies it is cultivating free users consisting of the 167 million people that use its smartphone platform, along with investment, in return for a share of revenues and stakes in the companies’ equities.

Caption:William Bao Bean, Managing Director of MOX and General Partner of SOSV
MOX Official Facebook Page

“Mobile-only markets will represent the bulk of growth in the internet as hundreds of millions of people access the internet for the first time on smartphones,” said William Bao Bean, Managing Director of MOX and General Partner of SOSV,
“MOX helps startups from around the world win in the largest mobile first markets, India and Southeast Asia, through our accelerator focused on localization, optimization, monetization and partnerships.”

The innovative startups display their innovative services in Taipei

E-commerce is taking over global retail services but 70% of the world’s population still does not have the capacity to make online purchases, said Xander van der Heijden, the founder and CEO of UNL, as he presented his company on the stage.

Caption: Xander van der Heijden, the founder and CEO of UNL.
MOX Official Facebook Page

This is not due to poverty but more because many people do not have “reliable” home addresses and there is no way to deliver purchased products to them.

“Seventy-five percent of places on the earth are badly addressed while at least 4 billion people still don’t have an address,” said van der Heijden.

Van der Heijden is a serial entrepreneur and venture builder. In 1995, van der Heijden established his first software development company, Beyond, He then went on to create pioneering cloud technology in the area of electronic data communications.

His company has come up with a solution to this problem by creating physical addresses for mobile-only internet users without street addresses.

Services ranging from deliveries to transport are made secure and transparent with blockchain technology. The UNL team is talking to big corporations such as DHL and has already raised US$1.2 million of its targeted US$2 million in funding.

Advanced Planet or AP builds relationship between brands and customers using gift coupons.
Duncan Mills, AP’s co-founder, is an international executive with more than 30 years of experience in marketing. Prior to his role at AP, he spent 20 years at Nike where he worked in roles at global and regional levels across Europe, Asia, Russia, and China.

Presenting his startup’s services on the stage, Mills said a variety of traditional brands have already been rewarding their loyal customers with gift coupons for decades, AP's trick is to bring gift coupons to retail services that are accessed by smartphones, which helps different brands deliver discounts to customers based on their location, preference and retailer.

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