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CES 2019 Updates: Taiwan 44 Startups Reached NT$ 5.5 Billion Business Opportunity

Taiwan Tech Arena

Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology MoST) selected 44 Taiwanese startups team from 6 categories: Internet of Things (IoT, 25%), Cyber ​​Security & Software (20%), Artificial Intelligence (AI, 18%), Healthcare (14%), wearables (14%), and Advanced Manufacturing (9%) joining in CES 2019 (in Las Vegas from January 8th to 11th, 2019).. There were 8 teams among the 44 teams won the CES 2019 Innovation Awards before the exhibition, and most of the teams attracted big manufacturers and engaged with venture capitalists during the CES.

Chen Liang-Gee, Minister of MoST, announced earlier the huge success of the Taiwan Tech Arena Pavilion's startups team.According to the press release of Taiwan Tech Arena that The 44 Taiwanese technology innovation teams won more than NTD 5.5 billion in business opportunities, with the attention from 20 international media. It is the salient evidence that Taiwan's technological strength and innovative capabilities were well received.

One of the TTA startup teams Awowo, who developed FreeStyle Drum with a unique WPW patent technology to replicate a real drum, has replaced the traditional drumhead with a smaller enamel film, and,importantly, reduced the large space occupied by electronic drum kits. The sensitivity and responsiveness of the FreeStyle Drum are 10-times faster than an electronic drum kit.

This is the second year for Most to bring the excellent and innovative Taiwanese startup to join CES. With the strength of startups' solid technology background and innovative solutions and the support from Taiwan Tech Arena, Taiwan got exposure in international media 20 times higher than last year. Other than the 4 CES 2019 Innovation Award Honorees and shortlisted teams that were invited to participate in CES 2019 Unveiled, Taiwan tech startups also attracted worldly known corporations in their own categories, including Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Toyota.

News source : Taiwan Tech Arena's Press Release.

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