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Chunghwa Telecom MOD Partners with Netflix to Foster Taiwanese Entertainment

Chunghwa Telecom

Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan’s largest telecommunication service provider,ranging from fixed-line, mobile, broadband, to internet services, held the press conference last month to announce the partnership with Netflix, the well-known American media-services provider, to promote domestic and international video content in superior 4K quality.

With more than two million MOD (“multimedia-on-demand”) users, Chunghwa Telecom’s newly-introduced “Netflix Bundle Package”,which comes with a dedicated set-top box and remote control.

According to Chunghwa Telecom’s press release that the partnership is expected to create a pool of new user growth among younger generations.

Details of the cooperation

4K technology adoption has been the main focus for Taiwan’s National Communications Commission to develop and to promote this year. Chunghwa Telecom’s MOD offers a variety of 4K content on its platform, from sports, esports to reality shows, accumulating to more than 1,700 hours of streaming content. Integrating Netflix’s vast catalog of 4K content to its platform, MOD brings an even larger selection of the highest quality entertainment for users.

Plus, it is also committed to giving users the best viewing experience via its powerful information and communications technology. Deploying a technology team of more than 100 engineers, MOD has even developed a Netflix set-top box specifically for this partnership, while providing 4K streaming service upgrades for existing users, so that the bundle will be available to all existing and potential customers.

“Netflix Bundle Package” will be launched just in time for Lunar New Year . Consumers who register for the bundle before March 31 will be entitled to an additional discount, says Chunghwa Telecom’s press release.

News source: Chunghwa Telecom Press Release.