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16-year-old Indian Prodigy Has Developed a Drone That Can Detect and Destroy Landmines


What were you doing when you were 14 years old? At this age, I was still struggling with Maths and Science in the 9th grade.

But this wonder kid from the Indian State of Gujarat was already working on a revolutionary drone when he was this age. Now 16 years old, he has fully developed the drone, EAGLE A7, which can detect and destroy landmines, minimising the risk of losing human lives.

Harshwardhansinh Zala, Founder and CEO of Aerobotics 7, the company behind EAGLE A7, claims that this drone can go from, say the Indian army base station, to the path where it has to go and detect the landmines. After detecting the landmines, the drone will send the information back to the base station. The landmines can be viewed real-time and destroyed real-time without human risk, he told in an interview to The Quint .

“We have developed the entire technology using raw materials and multi-spectral landmine detection technology. It is now under the process of international patent registration. We can detect landmines through different wavelengths,” he said to the publication, adding that this technology is not available anywhere else.

The model is currently under the process of international patents registration.

Aerobotics 7 was founded by Zala when he was 14 years. The startup’s mission is to make the “most innovative and advanced products for a better life”. Its main focus is designing and developing life-saving drones.

Zala, who claims he has received many offers from abroad, wishes to help the armed forces through his technology. He said he has got partnership offers from South Korea, the US, France, Dubai and Thailand.

“We have got offers to establish our company there. We have been ensured funding as well. But, given the number of jawans (soldiers) being martyred (due to landmines) in our motherland, if I can develop this technology to serve the Indian Army and the CRPF, I will be glad,” he said.

The child prodigy is also the winner of the “International Peace Award” (Billion Acts Hero Award 2017).

Zala had sealed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Gujarat government at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit in 2017, and bagged a deal worth INR 5 crore (USD4700,000) for the production of his self-designed drone.

Original news is from e27.