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Vivian Yen Describes How Being a “Giver” is a Quality that Senior Executives Can Pass Down to Young Founders

Vivian Yen

AnyMind Group, an AI solutions provider specializing in advertising and human resources, recently appointed Vivian Yen as its country manager for Taiwan.

Yen says she began her career as a nurse at a local hospital. At the time she never thought she would end up being a country manager for AnyMind Group, which has just announced new investment of US$13.4 million and plans for collaboration with LINE Corporation, a mobile messaging service. Yen took the position since ealier this March to start her new journey.

Yen explains that throughout her life her motto has been to be a “giver,” which she uses to push herself to learn more.

“ I eventually found out that I was not suited to being a nurse so I chose to quit the job,” Yen said.

Yen then decided to go back to school and aimed to major in journalism. But she failed to enter a prestigious university and obtain what she described as a “decent diploma” that would enable her to work as a journalist covering medical and health fields.

“ I thought I could combine the knowledge base I learnt when I was a nurse,” she said.

“I was so naive to think I possessed the strength to be a reporter However, at that time, we did not have too many media companies and the requirements for journalists were strict,” Yen said.

Determined and eager to work in the media industry, Yen found another solution. In 1997, Yen went to work for Formosa Television as a sales executive, selling the TV commercial time slots to an ad agency.

“ Every time I recall this memory, ( I realize) actually, FTV was just purely a startup since this TV company was the first privately-owned television (station) and the rest of three (remaining) ones were state-owned.

“So, everything I learnt was pretty new, but on the other hand, the environment was flexible,” Yen recalled.

Yen said a feeling that she needed to move out of her “comfort zone” drove her to later work as a business director, venture capitalist and in other positions.

“After gaining new career knowledge, I would start thinking: what’s my next step in my career path and what kind of impact can I give to others,” Yen said.

Yen passes down her attitude of being a “giver” to the younger generation of startup founders

“Everything starts from zero … startups especially need to dare to try everything,” Yen said.

“However, the young staff always need help from senior staff like me to pass down experience.

I contributed my attitude that I learned from my period of being a nurse, which indeed requires great patience.

“Therefore, being a “giver” is my sincere and heartfelt suggestion for every single senior staff when they contribute attitudes and actions to the next generation,” Yen concluded.

Feliciana Hsu
English journalist and PR for Global Affairs

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After graduating from London, she started her career of being journalist at Business Next Media and Meet Startup @TW Website, and specializes in interviewing about innovation and technology.

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