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Taiwan Cycling App Velodash Gains International Exposure as the Official App for Singapore’s Round Island Bike Adventure


Taiwanese cycling app Velodash was selected by the Singapore government as its official app for recording participants’ performances in a cycling event at the Singapore National Games 2018.

Velodash was used as the event's official timekeeper and recorder and the resulting data formed the basis for gold, silver, and bronze awards, as well as certificates of completion, at the city state’s Round Island Bike Adventure in early August.

Velodash distinguished itself in a global market of crowded cycling apps by offering community functions that allow users to track other cyclists in real time and record their speeds.

The other cycling apps on the market mainly measure data such as speed, distance and energy expended. When paired with a smart phone’s GPS function, they can also perform navigational duties and route settings.

Velodash earlier received a positive recommendation from Orange Fab, the Silicon Valley branch of France-based Orange, one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators, after Orange Fab executives attended a 2018 Taipei International Bicycle Show promotion held in June in Singapore by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council.

The recommendation put Velodash in the good graces of Singapore’s Round Island Bike Adventure, which is part of Singapore’s annual National Games featuring 23 different sporting competitions open to citizens of all ages and abilities.

The goal of the games is to encourage citizens to become more active through some good-natured competition.

Velodash is well-suited to group cycling events as necessary information including routes, elevation and gathering points is easy to share amongst participants.

Furthermore, the app can automatically notify those interested in joining subsequent rides. A group discussion or chat platform is also available, allowing participants to discuss their itineraries and other details.

And when it comes to the actual group ride, real-time locations of teammates is easily available through a quick glance at a route map providing a real-time update of every cyclist on the route.

Later, all information associated with the trip can be stored in a library, keeping time, distance and route information.

The app syncs via the Bluetooth Low Energy standard with other recording sensors, including heart rate monitors. Devices from any brand are supported.
Molly Huang, the CEO of Velodash, is also a cycling enthusiast.

Under her guidance, the app offers special functions that also include recording physiological data.

Since its launch in May, Velodash has garnered 8,000 users, with Taiwan accounting for more than half of current subscribers.

Huang, in a recent Digitimes interview, said involvement in Singapore’s National Games was just the beginning as the company is ambitiously seeking to expand its user base. It plans to pursue many opportunities in the future.

News source is from Business Next.