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Siemens Taiwan Rolls out Cloud-based IoT OS for Taiwan Manufacturers


The Taiwan subsidiary of German industrial manufacturing giant Siemens said this month it would begin offering a cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) operating system to Taiwanese clients.

Siemens Taiwan President and CEO Erdal Elver announced to a March 15 news conference in Taipei availability of the company’s MindSphere cloud-based IoT operating system.

MindSphere draws on the firm’s internet-of-things technology and gives industrial clients access to the cloud offerings of Amazon Web Services. It helps clients connect their devices to draw on the “wealth of data generated by the internet of things,” Siemens says on its website.

For instance, the operating system will enable Siemens’ clients and partners to collect operational data, analyze data from machines and physical infrastructure in large volume. The system’s analytics will help clients launch their own services and applications for production lines.

Leadermac Machinery Co., a Taiwanese maker of molder machines for wooden ware, was among first Taiwanese companies to adopt the system. Leadermac said in a report that MindSpehere will collect and analyze big data to improve Leadermac’s production process.

The operating system has helped Aerospace Industrial Development Corp., a Taichung-based aircraft manufacturer, improve production and enhance international competitiveness. Taiwan Power Co, another Siemens client, is using the system to ensure efficient power transmission in western Taiwan.

Siemens aims now to enhance offerings to existing and prospective clients in Taiwan.

The German firm’s IoT setup may compete with operating systems such as the open-source RIOT OS, WindRiver's VxWorks and Microsoft’s Windows 10 for IoT. Some systems can multitask and prioritize tasks, according to this report on the tech subsec-tor’s development.

“In keeping up with the trends of miniaturization in devices, ubiquitous internet connec-tivity has become a priority, and the marketplace is witnessing an explosion in hard-ware-platform options targeted at IoT implementations,” industrial technology supplier Arrow Electronics says on its website.

The global IoT market is expected to grow from US$170.57 billion in 2017 to US$561.04 billion by 2022, MarketsandMarkets Research says in a report summarized here.

Siemens Taiwan also plans to spend $2.05 million to open a “digital experience” and R&D center in central Taiwan and begin local use of a cloud-based operating system, Elver said.

The R&D center slated to open in Taichung city will help Taiwan improve its manufacturing, energy and infrastructure, the CEO said. The center is expected to begin operation in September at the earliest.

The 160-year-old company began operations in Taiwan five decades ago.

News source is from Business Next.