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Amidst unveiling of new Service Center, Tesla discusses plans for Taiwan

Following the much-talked about opening of its first flagship store in Taipei’s bustling Xinyi area last year, Tesla has now officially unveiled its most recent service center on the island nation. Located in Taipei’s Neihu district, this official representation is the result of more than a year of diligent preparatory work by the ambitious US carmaker.

A personal favorite: Tesla’s Neihu center

Caption: Robin Ren, VP of Tesla in Asia Pacific Region, revealed the plans for Tesla Taiwan at the opening ceremony.
Tesla Taiwan

The Neihu branch is the newest of Tesla’s 300 service centers. The grand opening was introduced by Tesla’s VP of Asia Pacific Region Robin Ren, who expressed his gratefulness for the Taiwanese government’s great support of the endeavor. Ren also discussed Tesla’s success so far and revealed the company’s future plans regarding the Taiwanese market.

Caption: Conference Room inside Tesla Taiwan's service center in Neihu. The purpose of this conference room is ready for more cooperation with universities and other firms to better sustainable energy in Taiwan.

“I have visited many Tesla service centers the world over, yet the Taiwanese one is my favorite!” Ren confessed. This is because, as he put it, the new center performs like a campus. “Everything connects here, be it the office, technical service, or the big conference rooms where we will discuss alliances with firms and schools!”

Leading through example: green industry 4.0

If things go well, Tesla will help create more opportunities for sustainable energy and the future development of the electric vehicle (EV) industry in general. In fact, environmentally-sound goals are part of the company’s long-term goals, which Ren demonstrated throughout his presentation.

Pointing to the urgency to curb in CO2 usage globally, he asserted that Tesla does not simply try to win the EV market, but wants to lead as a “sustainable energy company” in the effort to protect and better our environment. Part of this also involves green energy production via giant solar panel farms.

Moreover, the creation of a storage infrastructure through the company’s ultra-modern Gigafactories will see the proliferation of cheap battery options for private household.

Ren is hopeful that sooner than later these storage solutions will be available in Taiwan. “We will bring those to Taiwan as soon as the Tesla HQ gives us the green light!”

Local talent

For now, the company is focusing on preparing the ground for its Model 3, a four- door luxury sedan with an all-electric range of approximately 350 km. Ren points out that many parts of the Model 3 are already sourced from Taiwanese suppliers. Tesla, however, wants to move beyond manufacturing and explore Taiwan as a key market for its products, as well as a source for young talent.

With more than 33,000 employees worldwide, Tesla is interested in securing ambitious people for their workforce. According to Matthew Parker, Director of Service in Asia Pacific Region, recruitment in Taiwan yielded inspiring results and led to a staff that to almost 100% consist of locals.

Caption: Maintenance Center inside Tesla Taiwan Neihu Center.
Tesla Taiwan

Sustained growth

Despite having entered Taiwan only a year ago, Tesla already has three service centers in Xinyi, Neihu, and Taichung respectively. The company has also installed its famous supercharger stations in Taipei, Taichung, as well as Tainan, where drivers can top off their car in twenty minutes. With the opening of the Neihu branch, Tesla also unveiled the fourth supercharger.

Beyond superchargers, there are also over 300 destination-chargers distributed to over 90 locations on the island. Spread throughout public areas such as shopping malls or cinemas, they provide EV owners with an easily accessible means to charge their electric car while spending time in the city.

Ren and Tesla are confident that following the rapid growth of their charging and service infrastructure, adoption rates will soar in a market that is already known for its high adaption rate of new tech. For all that may come, Tesla has high hopes for Taiwan.

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