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[ MIT Bootcamp Series ] Be Innovative and Creative! MIT's Beyond Food Bootcamp is coming to Taiwan

Haoshi Foundation

This September, MIT's widely popular Bootcamp series will come to Taipei City. Labeled Beyond Food and organized in cooperation with the Taiwanese Haoshi Foundation, the event will see participants explore innovate startup solutions to food-related issues together with scholars from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
The following articles in “MIT Bootcamp Series” proffer readers the profound and insightful information regarding the event.

1.Get your applications ready! MIT's Beyond Food Bootcamp is coming to Taiwan

The MIT Beyond Food Bootcamp, which is the first to take place outside of the United States, accepts applications on the official website until July 1. The event will be preceded by a two-day Taiwan-exclusive Mini Bootcamp in May.

Additionally, famed MIT professor Sanjay Sarma's Professional Education course will also be held in Taipei. The innovation and entrepreneurship-focused program is happening this August.(Read more...)

2.An authentic taste of word class education – Introducing MIT's Bootcamp series

One of the world's top universities, many independent rankings list the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) among the ten best institutions globally.

With a notoriously low acceptance rate - one that gets even lower for international students - studying at MIT remains but a dream for many talented individuals from around the world.

As the MIT Beyond Food Bootcamp, which is going to take place in Taiwan between September 10-15, demonstrates, interested individuals no longer have to travel to Boston for this opportunity. Rather, MIT is slowly but surely making the world its campus! (Read more...)

3.Startup paradise: Brisbane's successful reinvention as innovation hub

From September 10-15, MIT's popular Bootcamp series will come to Taiwan. Labeled Beyond Food, the collaboration with the Taiwanese Haoshi Foundation sees the renowned university continue its push for globalization. The startup- focused event will be preceded by an installment of famed MIT professor Sanjay Rama's Radical Innovation class, which will take place between August 2-3. (Read more...)

4.Out of the comfort zone! Ben Shieh's way to the MIT Bootcamp in Brisbane

In the fourth part of our MIT Bootcamp series we look at young Taiwanese entrepreneur Ben Shieh, a participant in the Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp that took place this March in Brisbane, Australia.

Although only 25 years old, the University of Hong Kong graduate brings plenty of experience to the table. Besides having completed many internships, Ben has worked in an international finance company for almost five years. (Read more...)

5.Where there's a will: Wei Lee's crowdfunding campaign for MIT Brisbane

The MIT Bootcamp series helps young entrepreneurs develop their ideas over the course of an intense week-long program. The next installment will be held in Taipei between September 10 to 15. Labelled MIT Beyond Food, the collaboration with the Taiwanese Haoshi Foundation is accepting applications now. (Read more...)

6.Forget about grades or age! How to get into the MIT Beyond Food Bootcamp

The Beyond Food Bootcamp will be the seventh installment of the increasingly popular program, and the third time the event takes place abroad. What begun as an extension to an MIT course has now turned into a full-fledged institution that not only attracts entrepreneurs from all fields, but recently has also introduced more focused programs that deal with issues such as the internet of things (IoT) or future foodstuffs. (Read more...)