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RISE 2017: Team Taiwan’s Pointimize winning Breakthrough Award

RISE 2017 in Hong Kong concluded after three days full of tech and startup-fueled excitement. As reported previously by BNext/Meet, Taiwan Startup Stadium’s own group of promising startups gathered much praise from the international audience and industry insiders alike.

Further demonstrating the potential of Team Taiwan is Pointimize’s win of the conference’s Breakthrough Award against a formidable host of competitors from Hong Kong, Singapore, or Japan. The award will provide the Taiwanese startup with a Golden Ticket to attend the Web Summit 2017, which will take place between November 6 to 9 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Pointimize shines at RISE Conference 2017

Similar to many other new platforms, Pointimize has its eyes set on the travel market. However, the startup does not simply offer cheaper prices, but rather actively helps customers to save by paying for hotels through credit points, travel rewards, or other bonus programs.

Pointimize’s website essentially offers a one-stop solution for travelers to search through flights, hotels, or directly for awards to find and fund their ideal vacation. The platform’s logarithms help users to compare and decide which choices are the most adequate.

What’s more, the startup also offers credit card and other special promotions on

Travellers can thus browse their credit card’s website and transfer bonus points to their account.

Additionally, the platform has also incorporated 20 frequent flyer programs representing 137 different airlines and ten hotel chains that combined own, operate, or manage more than 40,000 hotel properties and 5,000,000 rooms the world over.

If you happen to have unused miles or bonus points, Pointimize will help you apply them to the bill.

Breathrough 2017: Unveiling

At RISE 2017 in Hong Kong, Pointimize presented the world’s first digital asset travel focused search platform, The platform, which uses digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ether for pricing, marks the startup’s next step towards providing users with the most convenient travel platform ever. No longer limited to traditional payment options, Pointimize increases the opportunities for customers to get the best deal and save even more money.

Keith Wang, CEO and Co-founder of Pointimize, also conveyed his special thanks to Taiwan Startup Stadium after winning the Breakthrough award at RISE 2017. “This is the second time that we joined Taiwan Startup Stadium; the very first time was when we went with them (TSS) to attend Tech Crunch Disrupt in May,” Keith says.

The trip to New York may have been exciting, yet it did not get the chance to present its idea to a larger audience.

“There was no chance to go on stage and do a pitch or introduce what exactly Pointimize stands for.Before the trip to the RISE conference, the team at Taiwan Startup Stadium kept helping us to practice how to pitch and present a brief but clear introduction about what we do,” Keith explains and concludes “I really thank them for their utmost efforts.”