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RISE Conference 2017: Team Taiwan keeps on shining in Hong Kong with FunNow and SurveyCake pitches

Taiwan Startup Stadium

As reported by BNext/Meet, Taiwan Startup Stadium and Team Taiwan are wowing the audience at the 2017 RISE conference in Hong Kong.

Day 2 of the exhibition again saw an abundance of renowned speakers from different fields such as Siu Rui Quek , Co-founder and CEO of Carousell, or Xiaochuan Wang, the CEO of Sogou, who captured the audience with their speech titled “Me, Myself and AI.”

But startups, too, left their mark anew. For instance, at the Taiwan Startup Stadium Pavilion, FunNow and SurveyCake presented captivating pitches on the central stage. Here we are taking a closer look at the two Team Taiwan representatives.

FunNow: Instant booking your next holiday

FunNow’s pitch was presented by its CEO TK Chen, who showed the international audience what the Taiwanese startup has achieved so far. In a nutshell, FunNow sees itself as main agent in the making of tourist schedules.

The platform allows travelers to discover a variety of fun activities both in Taiwan and Hong Kong. They are however are eager to extend their services to other tourist hotspots in East Asia, including Bangkok and Okinawa.

Since travelers are increasingly spontaneous, they may not want to book activities in advance. According to TK Chen, FunNow’s seeks to accommodate ever-changing consumer behavior through its “Instant booking” solution.

The startup has raised over $2m from various investors since its inception in 2015. Besides their expansion into other regions, the company also works hard on improving its user-experience. For instance, they are going to incorporate a review system where users can exchange their experiences.

Additionally, FunNow will soon introduce 24-hour customer service, allowing them to react even quicker to the needs of customers.

SurveyCake: easy data collecting for everyone

No matter which industry you are in, collecting data via surveys is one crucial aspect of gathering insights into how to improve one’s business. Yet how to convince the public to fill out something as dull as questionnaires?

SurveyCake, a Taiwanese platform which aims to provide users with a one-stop solution to creating exciting surveys in an easy and fast manner.

Although this Taiwanese startup is focused on helping individuals and small businesses, they also count big name brands such as HSBC, Seiko, or Adidas among their customers. Founded in 2012 by Alex Liu, SurveyCake combined the power of cloud computing with an environmentally friendly attitude to digitize questionnaires.

Rather than wasting paper and time on the street handing out questionnaires, data could now be collected conveniently on the net. On the platform, each survey has its own short URL and accompanying QR code, two features which allow for the easy transmission of surveys.

Once the data is collected, SurveyCake’s software makes the results viewable in Excel and SPSS format. What’s more, users can choose how they want to visualize the data: be it pie charts, donut charts, or bar charts, SurveyCake got them all!

With one more day to go at the 2017 RISE conference in Hong Kong, Team Taiwan and Taiwan Startup Stadium will continue working hard at showing off their ideas and products to the audience. For more news coverage stay tuned to Bnext/Meet!

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