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With 1 million downloads, iFoodie makes finding a restaurant effortless

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Are you a foodie? How to find something different must be the most important thing to you. Does internet help?

Taiwanese loves food. While different types of restaurants line up on the streets of Taiwan, people with trouble making decisions are constantly confronted by the ultimate question: which restaurant should I pick? Meanwhile, many people enjoy writing about their restaurant experiences.

Simply search any restaurant on Google, one would find endless blog posts with the most appealing photos. So, how to deliver the abundant information to those who just can’t decide where to satisfy their appetite? Noticing this demand, Chung-Chun Cheng, co-founder of TsunamiWorks created “Taipei Food Diaries” in 2014.

Expanding from Taipei, Cheng then improved the App based on user feedbacks, and finally gave birth to the nationwide “iFoodie.”

Once turned on, iFoodie would automatically detect users’ location. After users choose a category, the App would list all matching restaurants in the neighborhood, together with others’ experiences, which include photos, texts and a score enabled by the reviewing mechanism embedded in the App.

By doing so, users could easily select a suitable restaurant. Users who do not wish to write a long post could also simply give a short comment or some photos.

Inspired by magazines, the App also creates weekly and monthly charts, recommending restaurants to users regularly. This service is particularly popular among female users. In addition, the App team enables the functions of “collect” and “recommend,” so that users could collect all the restaurants they like and create their own list.

Meanwhile, users could follow their favorite bloggers, so that they would receive a notification whenever the bloggers post a new entry. It is not only convenient for the users, but also helps to improve bloggers’ popularity.

Although there are already many restaurant searching or reviewing Apps available in the market, not all of them could please Taiwanese users’ taste.

Relying on its ample resources and software technology, iFoodie accurately targets at users’ needs. Meanwhile, with the spirit of a “minimum viable product,” iFoodie started with local restaurants, continued to improve based on user feedbacks, and finally grew into a nationwide food App.

Up to now, iFoodie has been downloaded for more than 1.4 million times, with 30,000 active users daily. In a country where everyone enjoys good food, how far could a food-related App go? Let’s wait and see what answer iFoodie could write down for us.

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