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Not another internet celebrity, StraaS aims to become the arms dealer of business live streaming

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In recent years, live steaming platforms have sprung up one after another. Platforms such as 17, Live.Me and Up struck the internet by storm and created the phenomenon of “internet celebrities.”

The 2011 born company iKala introduced its own streaming platform “” in 2013, which focused on live shows of various content and hosted by ordinary folks. Nearly a thousand shows had covered topics from eSport, politics and talent shows.

However, as Facebook and YouTube also started their own streaming service, Sega Cheng, CEO of iKala, foresaw the challenges for a single small startup to compete against the community giants, and therefore, decided to withdraw gradually from the personal streaming service.

Since 2016, Cheng has shifted his focus to becoming an “arms dealer” that offers corporates a streaming service and necessary technical assistance.

The so-called “arms dealer” mainly provides two types of weapons: one is the all-in-one service that covers from front-end content design to post-production, broadcasting and marketing activities, while the other is to modularize the well-developed streaming technology of and sell it to corporates, namely, streaming as a service.

Whether customers’ wishes are a video streaming platform like Netflix, E-commerce promotions, or a chatroom that reinforces community strength, StraaS could always satisfy their needs.

Although the service has only be available for less than a year, StraaS has already accumulated many corporate customers. For example, Trend Micro used StraaS’ service to live stream its off-line workshops, increasing the value of a single lecture to 3-4000 NTD.

In order to encourage audience to stay on the site after large events have been reported, news platform ETToday chose to adopt StraaS’ chatroom model, which allows live show hosts to interact with the audience anytime, so as to improve user loyalty.

As online shopping combined with live streaming has become a popular trend, StraaS has created for E-commerce platforms a video model that is suitable for promotions.

Shopping websites or Apps could integrate the streaming function, which not only enables various Emoji, but also a Chatbot that could assistant show hosts in answering questions from the audience. Streaming windows could be made smaller, so that users could browse through products while continuing to interact with the hosts. Meanwhile, a detailed user data analysis is certainly indispensable.

This comprehensive streaming service not only helps StraaS to land iconic clients like Yahoo, but also attracts interests in cooperation from the second largest E-commerce platform in Indonesia:

To provide such smooth and diverse solutions is a very challenging task. It took 3 to 6 months to achieve the modularization of its technology. While hitting many walls, the company has also learned a great deal from these experiences.

Cheng’s keen decision of transforming and leaving the highly competitive market of personal live streaming has been proved wise and forthright. iKala is expected to secure another round of series A investment of 5 Million USD in Q2, 2017, and is ready to advance upon south-east Asia with its solid technology and ample experiences.

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