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Kaizen Platform Expands to Taiwan

Kaizen Platform

Kaizen Platform, a startup based in Tokyo and San Francisco that provides a digital optimization platform focused on advertising, recently announced plans to expand into Taiwan.

On December 1st, it launched a banner design optimization service, Kaizen Ad, in Taiwan, which aims to help Taiwanese creative professionals easily optimize ads.

The company will make a significant effort to expand in Taiwan by establishing offices and working closely with Taiwanese designers.

According to a Business Next report, Kaizen Platform has been working with many tech giants, including Google and Facebook, while at the same time collaborating with ad agencies.

The platform is leveraging a network of talent around the world as it continues to assist in optimizing ads. Over 4,600 creative individuals are collaborating with Kaizen Platform, most of whom are user interface (UI) and user experience design (UX) web designers.

The company said that previously it took days and sometimes weeks to create good designs. However, with Kaizen Platform advertisers now have a wide variety of material resources with which to work, including images and digital stock video clips.

Tony Sakai, Kaizen Platform’s Executive Vice President for Business Development, said “With Kaizen Platform, many work-at-home designers can be connected to a global network. We hope that, in the future, designers and customers can use Kaizen Platform to expand their businesses globally.”

The word “Kaizen” means “continuous improvement” in Japanese, which is exactly what the startup wants to do:

continuous efforts to improve marketing performance, productivity, efficiency and service.

Kaizen Platform is looking at Taiwan’s tourism, travel and catering industries. Japan and Taiwan have established close bonds over the years, particularly in the travel industry.

Japanese love to visit Taiwan, and Taiwanese favor Japan as their top holiday destination. It’s not surprising to see Kaizen Platform beginning to look at ways to participate in this close relationship.

The company said that many Japanese travel sites could advertise on Facebook to attract Taiwanese tourists, and Taiwanese can do the same to attract more Japanese visitors. Kaizen Platform is looking to be involved in both directions.

The Kaizen Platform is rapidly expanding in Asia. It entered Taiwan, Korea and Thailand in 2016, and is looking to expand this year into the UK, Vietnam, Indonesia and China.

Large-scale overseas expansion is relatively rare for Japanese startups. Sakai pointed out that Kaizen would continue to expand into countries with mature social media industries.