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AirSig Branches Out Into Gaming Industry

Caption:AirSig Branches Out Into Gaming Industry .

AirSig announced that it has received a US$2 million investment from Foxconn Technology Group, bringing the Group’s total investment to US$20 million.

AirSig’s main product is Air Signature, a digital signing technology that enables both user identification and actions to be taken.

Empowered by a g-sensor and a gyroscope that are embedded in the smartphone, it allows users unlock their devices by “writing” their signature in the air.

The technology can be used in areas such as mobile devices, e-payment, e-commerce and IoT.

An earlier investment was used to accelerate the development of the company’s technology and its expansion into global markets.

The startup has rolled out three products powered by Air Signature technology: AirSig Unlock, AirSig Password Wallet and AirDoor.

AirSig Unlock is an app that helps users to launch apps quickly by setting custom gestures to various apps.

AigSig Password Wallet help users log in to accounts by signing in the air. AirDoor utilizes the Air Signature technology, but moves beyond this by allowing use of a smartphone in controlling physical doors.

AirSig previously focused almost exclusively on web security.

However, they recently found that their ability to utilize gestures could also be used in developing 3D games.

They began product development, and first cooperated with Monster Hood to develop a game like Pokemon. Furthermore, AirSig‘s team realized that their product can also had virtual reality (VR applications.

VR headsets lack intuitive control. Gesture technology improves the believability of VR by enabling users to control actions and manipulate objects in virtual space via the use of one's hands.

AirSig’s products can use gestures to control movements and give commands in order to overcome problems.

In October, AirSig partnered with Cavy Technology , a Hangzhou-based smartband startup founded by Frank Chang, a former general manager of IBM’s eastern China operations.

Cavy has launched a smart wristband that enables users to play games on any mobile device using Bluetooth. It allows users to play games through gestures alone, without the need for a controller or internet connection.

The wristband was released in November and is called Cavy Play band. The Cavy Play band is compatible with more than 30 specially-designed games that can be downloaded at no charge.

What will be AirSig’s next direction? The company’s Operations VP, Jiu Zheng Lai, said that they will move simultaneously toward finance and gaming.

He noted that hurdles in the finance area include protocols and regulations, which makes some potential partners to delay a decision.

Although Cavy Tech‘s vision is to build an ecosystem for gesture-controlled games using a wristband, software and a game platform, the competition from tech giant rivals such as Google and Apple will undoubtedly be fierce.