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Gamania Announces New Instant Messaging App “BeanGo!” in Taiwan

Gamania Group CEO Albert Liu announced a new mobile messaging app “BeanGo!” on Tuesday,November 22 in Taipei.

BeanGo!, created by leading game operator Gamania Group, has additional features beyond the basics, according to their official app download page.

The app is the only one in the Taiwanese instant messaging app market that centers on features such as private meet-up events messaging and locational data sharing.

New BeanGo! features include

1) a chat room browser to search and share your content without leaving your chat room.

2) Time-limited messaging that will self-delete after a certain period of time;

3) An event chat room to start meet-ups, events, spontaneous gatherings, and hangouts in chat rooms with the BeanGo! spirit of “Chat! Play! Have fun!”

4) event location sharing to provide your up-to-date location with your BeanGo! friends (and avoid being lost) and

5) multimedia sharing, which allows the user to obtain updates from BeanGo! friends using shared video clips, voice recordings and online streaming.

6) The BeanGo! app allows users to start their own activities, events and meet-ups.

It introduces the feature of "activity radar", which allows friends to quickly find their own activities to join. In addition, you can also open its radar search to find nearby activities.

Despite the existing dominant chat apps like WeChat, Line, and Kakao Talk in Asia’s messaging app scene, Gamania Group has plans to compete with their rivals.

Founded in 1995 as an online game operator, Gamania began to develop other areas of business such as online payment, e-commerce, and now, instant messaging apps.

Liu said that as a successful online game company, the key element behind Gamania Group’s new instant messaging app is "fun".

He noted that what sets them apart from their competitors is Gamania’s ambition to build not just a mobile app, but a vibrant, fastest-growing community.

The BeanGo! team has spent the last three years developing this killer app for the market.

The BeanGo! team said that they will focus on the Taiwanese market for now, and then shortly expand to the rest of the world.

According to Liu, the Japanese, Korean, Thai and English editions of BeanGo! will be ready to hit the market in the near future. "Taiwan is a very diversified market with a high demand for product quality. We’d like to make sure of our success in the Taiwan market before we expand to international markets," said Liu.

Gamania Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Gamania), founded in 1995, is a major PC online game and digital entertainment corporation headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan.

It was the first Taiwan online game brand to expand globally.

To reach the goal of building the biggest internet company in Taiwan, Gamania has started to expand its services to target emerging opportunities.

It launched an online payment service with GASH, a cross-border eCommerce product with Jollywiz, a streaming media platform with Coture and a crowdfunding service with Webackers.