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International Startups Highlighted in Global Sparks Forum at 2016 Meet Taipei

Attendees at the 2016 Meet Taipei Conference were treated to a broad array of international talent and ideas on the last day of the conference at a panel session entitled “Global Sparks”.

The 2016 Meet Taipei Startup Carnival, held from 17-19 November, represents Taiwan's largest startup conference and exposition event. It brought startups, industry leaders, investors and other attendees together in the Taipei Expo Dome to explore technology and business collaboration opportunities.

One of the highly anticipated sessions at this year’s Meet Taipei was the Global Sparks section, which brought together 15 international startups as they made company presentations on the XLab Stage. The companies represented many parts of the world, including China, France, Finland, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

The teams shared many ways in which their concepts and technologies can change the way people live. Things moved fast on the XLab Stage, as often multiple speakers delivered content in a rapid-fire style for 15 minutes per presentation, providing interesting discussions of the latest trends in emerging technologies.

Yashin Huang

Andrea Guo, founder and CEO of Xhoogee, shared how their smart gardening products and services named “Ciao!” may be of service to everyday Chinese in their daily lives. The company provides equipment and a system for home gardening.

Yashin Huang

Stella Wang, CEO and co-founder of Dazzle Rocks, an ambitious mobile games startup based in Helsinki, Finland, shared her vision of building an epic online adventure experience that could be enjoyed in both the East and the West. Wang, formerly involved with Angry Birds, is looking to create a mobile game that tells a story, and allows the user to be part of creating it. They have just soft-launched an early version of the game, under the name 7Legends Run.

Malaysia-based startup Flexiroam was introduced by Marketing Executive Yee Mun Wong and Business Development Executive Peiyi Johnston. The two explained how Flexiroam saves their users money and provides better overseas roaming experiences via its thin minichip that that applied to the users existing SIM card. This allows users to find the strongest local data signal wherever they are located, and saves on overseas roaming charges. The company has become one of the fastest growing budget roaming providers in the Asia Pacific region.

Caption: Thomas Kuiper
Yashin Huang

Thomas Kuiper from, which began in France and Belgium, shared why their company chose Taiwan in 2014 for their first Asian office. Kuiper said “We picked Taipei for various reasons. First, it’s an excellent destination in East Asia, and within easy reach of Singapore, Japan and China. More importantly, it is the most democratic Asian country we’ve ever seen.” Kuiper said that’s success and engagement with the Taiwanese startup scene so far has led to hundreds of Asian brands trusting Gandi for its domain name and trademark protection services.

Caption: Lorenz So
Meet Taipei 2016

Lorenz So, CEO of Hong Kong-based startup iKnewit, shared how they built a mobile app which allows users to have fun making predictions in a social environment on the outcome of football fixtures. Users also can chat, and generally enjoy the lead up to games, and then the analysis of the results – including whose projections were best! The team behind iKnewit has a digital marketing and data analytics background, including at the well-known digital marketing firm Designercity in Hong Kong. And they are also football fans. They said they are looking forward to building partnerships with Asian supporters of Arsenal and other clubs, including in their score prediction contests.

The three-day 2016 Meet Taipei conference was sponsored by Meet, part of the Taipei-based Business Next Media Group. The event hosted 280 exhibit booths and gave the floor to 60 speakers. It also brought together diplomats, venture capitalists and senior business people from Taiwan and overseas. Having grown from 700 attendees to over 40,000 in a matter of three years, Meet Taipei has become the most popular startup conference in Taiwan.