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Hong Kong service for casual workers matches jobs in 90 minutes

The traditional nine-to-five workday is hardly Hong Kong's first choice anymore.

People in the Asian economic hub prefer jobs with more scheduling flexibility and a strong work-private life balance. Wages are rising, as well.

These conditions have created a boom in the territory’s market for temporary jobs and inspired an entrepreneur keen to capitalize on the trend.

Xania Wong, a Hong Kong resident and a serial entrepreneur, established JOBDOH in 2014 to match job seekers with temporary positions.

The service started with matches for exhibition coordinators, hotels and caterers, Wong has said. Then the company, Wong's fourth, expanded into other types of employers following mass media exposure.

JOBDOH now claims more than 90,000 members and about 40,000 successful matches. Some of its clients are in Taiwan, as well.

The service stands out from peers by using its own questionnaires to analyze whether applicants are suitable for a particular job. That process shortens the time recruiters spend picking applicants.

JOBDOH is accordingly able to make matches in as little as 90 minutes. Payments can be processed in 24 hours.

The placement agency charges a service fee based on the "job value" of each task completed or accepts monthly subscription fees as payment, Wong said.

The agency has grown into matching people with part-time or full-time permanent jobs, as well.

But the founder sees JOBDOH’s biggest competitive advantage as its continued focus on temporary and urgent job vacancies. Other placement services in Hong Kong specialize in professional jobs rather than blue-collar, service industry vacancies.

Wong was born in Canada and raised in Hong Kong. She earned an MBA and has focused her career largely on consulting. Her first two companies, one for speed-dating and the other a financing website, are no longer operating. Her third, Xantana Wine, remains in business.

JOBDOH has won the Google EYE Young Entrepreneurs Program award and joined incubators in Hong Kong to accelerate business growth.

Though focused still on Hong Kong and Taiwan, JOBDOH is making improvements for users in preparation for branching into other parts of the world, particularly New York, Wong said.

To grow in cities such as New York where turnover is high and flexible job vacancies numerous, JOBDOH would need financing and partnerships with foreign peers.

Wong's agency also would face competition in the United States from established companies such as FlexJobs and in the United Kingdom from the likes of TEMP-TEAM recruitment agency.