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End of the Road? The Uber dilemma in Taiwan
In the latest episode of what now seems like a never-ending saga, Uber has announced a moratorium on its Taiwanese operations earlier this month due to record-breaking fines.
Uber Suspends Operations in Taiwan Part 2
Uber will suspend operations in Taiwan next week amid an ongoing regulatory battle with the government.
Uber Suspends Operations in Taiwan Part 1
Uber will suspend operations in Taiwan next week amid an ongoing regulatory battle with the government.
New Amendments Leave Uber Facing Growing Fines in Taiwan
Taiwan’s Presidential Office announced on January 6th that new amendments to the Highway Act have officially gone into effect that will substantially increase the penalties on the popular ride-hailing company Uber and its drivers.
Self-Driving Cars – On Autopilot to Success?
Seven years ago, when Google announced its ambitions to substitute human drivers with autonomous technology, many were doubtful. At best, the program would spawn some minor technological advantages; at worst, it would fizzle out. But in 2013, when Tesla a
Taiwan's First UBI Scheme Aims To Cover 2 Million Vehicles
Those who have confidence in their impeccable driving skills often lament the injustice of extortionate insurance premiums. Now technology provides no excuse to moan: Usage Based Insurance (UBI) calculates your premium directly based on the way you drive.
Get Drunk And Be Driven In Taiwan
Taiwan Chauffeurs, inspired by a trend in South Korea, will send a sober driver to take you and your car from the pub back home.
Electric bike sharing service to begin in Taiwan
The service to be offered by local startup WeMo follows the lead of Taipei's popular public bicycle rentals and car-sharing schemes in Europe.
Chinese entertainment firm on track to rival Tesla with electric vehicles
LeEco has landed funding of US$1.8 billion, found an American partner and picked a factory site in China to grab a share of the burgeoning world electric car market.
Taiwan startup joins global smart-car auto insurance market
Hon Hai-backed Trans-IoT follows Uber, Didi Chuxing and others in using data on driver behavior to calculate insurance premiums.
Graphics processors can mimic the human brain and what's next
Huang Jen-hsun, creator of the Silicon Valley processor developer NVIDIA, expects artificial intelligence-enabled units to drive cars, build social media and solve math problems.
Taiwan plans 'Asian Silicon Valley' to help sagging IT sector
The government-funded special high-tech zone would promote Taiwanese startups into listed companies and foster advances in IoT technology.