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Taipei Startup Raises E-Commerce Order Values through Customer Retention
E-commerce service range from tiny to giant, old to new. But one Taipei-based startup,, is positioning to show them all how to retain customers.
CookInn Taiwan: Teaching Tourists to Cook Authentic Taiwanese Cuisine
Riding on Taiwan’s growing international reputation as a haven for foodies, CookInn Taiwan, a new private school, instructs tourists how to cook Taiwanese cuisine like a chef.
Urge to Promote Homeland Sparked this Entrepreneur to Open a Travel Agency
Michael Wu of Taiwan went to study in the United States at age 15 and stayed long enough to realize many Americans don’t know much about his homeland. He figured Taiwan needed better branding, an idea that spawned his own travel agency.
KooData: Helping SMEs with Social Media Marketing
KooData, a Taipei-based startup founded in 2015, is a Finnish word meaning “to encode.”
Taiwan Startup Puts Once Scattered Car Rentals onto One Website
Taiwan saw more than 10 million tourists in 2016, up over the previous year, thanks in part to mentions in internationally read tour guide books.
Taiwan's oToBrite in Partnership with Electric Vehicle Startup Xpeng Motors to Supply Innovative Auto Parking Systems
Taiwanese startup oToBrite has clinched a deal with Chinese electric car maker Xiaopeng Motors, a rival of Tesla, to provide its vehicles with auto-parking systems and sophisticated roof cameras.
Apu Jan: Taiwan's Versatile Fashion Designer Talks About His Entrepreneurship
Taiwanese designer Apu Jan debuted his womenswear label APUJAN at London Fashion Week in 2013.
2 months
Supermodels Give Entrepreneurship a Sporting Chance
Western celebrities like to make use of their glamor and millions of social media followers to kick-start new careers. American actor Robert De Niro launched restaurants while Britain’s former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is now a successful fashion design
2 months
[Reprint] How One Woman Is Disrupting The Entire Manufacturing Process in India
She had her mind set on becoming an astronaut, but eventually pivoted to become an innovator in the manufacturing field
2 months
一家新創成為獨角獸的機率奇低無比。根據美國市場研調機構 CB Insights 發布的研究報告,追蹤 1,119 家在 2008-2010 年獲得種子輪投資的美國科技新創公司,發現其中只有 1% 的新創公司,能夠成長為獨角獸等級。
2 months
過去近一年來,Crypto由高點反轉進入熊市。Crypto龍頭Bitcoin的幣價,從去年12月一度突破17,000美元的高點,快速下探至今年 11 月跌破4,000美元的重要關卡,跌幅超過75%,至今仍未見跌勢趨緩,對比20 世紀末的.com泡沫,Nasdaq 指數在30個月內暴跌76%,Crypto退潮的速度更為兇猛。
2 months
BE Accelerator Unveils Six Startups Offering Cutting-edge Health Treatments at its First Demo Day
Taiwan’s BE Accelerator, which cultivates medical and healthcare startups, unveiled its first six startupsto investors at a demo day in the end of November.
2 months