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ZaShare’s Founder Describes how his Eclectic Education Exhibitions Encourage People to Fulfill Their Potential and Stay True to Themselves
Taiwanese startups aim to be disruptors. Their founders make use of high-standard technological and scientific education that has been embodied in Taiwan’s universities for decades to create new inventions and innovate services.
Former Spotify CTO Andreas Ehn Explains How to Build and Scale Successful Startups
Growth is fantastic, but it needs to managed in such a manner whereby sustainability is not lost
Decent Rossi: A Company Devoted to Helping People with Sensitive Skin
A painful memory from her twenties inspired Rossi Yang to found her sensitive-skin-care company, Decent Rossi, whose products are sold at prestigious National Taiwan University Hospital and Taiwan’s main pharmacies.
2 months
Lubn’s Founder Talks About His Plans for Smart Property Management
Owning or managing multiple properties can be a mixed blessing.
3 months
The Singapore-based Startup that Wants to Cut Bad Sugar Secures US$5M Funding
Nutrition Innovation raises funding from Singapore's VisVires New Protein (VVNP)
3 months
BloomMe: Pamper Yourself Anytime, Anywhere
BloomMe has created an app that enables users to be pampered in luxury with just a swipe of a smartphone. And it’s coming to Taiwan in May.
3 months
WeMo Scooter Founder says His Electric Scooter Sharing Company is Helping to Improve the Environment
Jeffrey Wu, the founder and CEO of WeMo Scooter, said he created Asia’s first electric scooter sharing company as he thought it would be impossible to force dwellers of Taiwan’s capital to ditch their scooters, even though there are worries about climate
3 months
Indian Scientist Develops Bra that Can Detect Breast Cancer
The apparel is attached with sensors, which can identify the temperature variance of cancer cells while getting divided
3 months
Taipei Startup Raises E-Commerce Order Values through Customer Retention
E-commerce service range from tiny to giant, old to new. But one Taipei-based startup,, is positioning to show them all how to retain customers.
3 months
CookInn Taiwan: Teaching Tourists to Cook Authentic Taiwanese Cuisine
Riding on Taiwan’s growing international reputation as a haven for foodies, CookInn Taiwan, a new private school, instructs tourists how to cook Taiwanese cuisine like a chef.
4 months
Urge to Promote Homeland Sparked this Entrepreneur to Open a Travel Agency
Michael Wu of Taiwan went to study in the United States at age 15 and stayed long enough to realize many Americans don’t know much about his homeland. He figured Taiwan needed better branding, an idea that spawned his own travel agency.
4 months
KooData: Helping SMEs with Social Media Marketing
KooData, a Taipei-based startup founded in 2015, is a Finnish word meaning “to encode.”
4 months