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Gululu: teaching kids to stay hydrated, one game at a time
Who would have thought that encouraging children to drink water could be the motif for creating a startup! But this is exactly what Gululu has set out to do with their innovative smart bottle.
[Reprint] Meet Pinta Studios: Turning VR content into money-making IP
With the Venice International Film Festival kicking off this week, Pinta Studios is showcasing its latest Virtual Reality (VR) animated film “The Dream Collector” in competition with other 21 VR works from around the world.
NAVYA's ARMA project: Self-driving buses moving ahead in France, Singapore, and soon Taiwan?
Changing people’s life for the better through innovative technology is the core mission for many a young entrepreneur eager to improve our world.
Origami Labs from Hong Kong: Hitting off the Screen-Free Revolution with the ORii smart ring
Have you ever encountered the following situation? You are busy doing something important, with both hands tied up in stuff, when that long awaited phone call finally comes in. With no hand free to pick it up, you scramble to find a way to pick your phone
Pi Square: Slimming down Hollywood’s animation costs
A quick glance at movie earnings over the last few years reveals that most top-grossing flicks prominently feature special effects and animations. What became popular with the Terminator franchise in the early 1990s is now a commonplace not only in Hollyw
Exclusive Interview with AR startup WayRay’s founder: equipping the cars of the future
With a fresh investment from Alibaba, augmented reality (AR) GPS and wearable company WayRay is set to make great strides within the car industry.
[Reprint] Mobike accelerates European expansion with second stop in Italy
Shortly after launching in UK last month, Chinese bike-sharing giant Mobike announced Tuesday that it’s pedaling its way to a second stop in Europe—Italy—in an extended competition with its arch-rival ofo for the global market.
[Reprint]Bad at math? This startup can help ease your "math anxiety"
Were you always bad at math? Does math make you feel uneasy? You might be suffering from math anxiety, a feeling of tension, apprehension, or even fear that interferes with the ability to do math. This aversion starts at a very early age, said Henry Chui,
2 months
RISE 2017: Team Taiwan’s Pointimize winning Breakthrough Award
RISE 2017 in Hong Kong concluded after three days full of tech and startup-fueled excitement. As reported previously by BNext/Meet, Taiwan Startup Stadium’s own group of promising startups gathered much praise from the international audience and industry
2 months
RISE Conference 2017: Team Taiwan keeps on shining in Hong Kong with FunNow and SurveyCake pitches
As reported by BNext/Meet, Taiwan Startup Stadium and Team Taiwan are wowing the audience at the 2017 RISE conference in Hong Kong.
2 months
Taiwan Startup Stadium and Team Taiwan wow RISE 2017
The RISE Conference 2017 kicked off officially on July 11 in Hong Kong. The three- day exhibition is organized by the team behind Web Summit, which in only six years has become the largest tech conference in Europe.
2 months
一鍵結帳!喬睿科技打造兼具使用爽度與安全性的線上支付工具 TapPay
2 months