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[Reprint] This IoT, Blockchain Startup Rewards You Every Time You Drop The Food Leftover Into The Waste Bin
Based in Taiwan, Blue Ocean's connected precycle smart bins utilise a range of auto ID tech, geo-location sensors, weight and fill sensors to identify and reward the user
[Reprint] Tencent Has Just Invested in Philippines’ Fintech Firm Voyager
The move is said to be a part of China's aggressive way to be omnipresent across Southeast Asia, in particular in the Philippines
South Korea-based Startup Wanted Plans to expand markets in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore
Wanted, South Korea-based job-seeking platform developer, plans to grow its international markets in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, according to a news source from Business Next.
New York-Based Startup Howler AI Plans to Help Companies Get More Media Publicity
Aaron Tsai, a Taiwanese entrepreneur, founded media publicity company Howler AI in New York this year to match marketers with media outlets using artificial intelligence technology.
Taiwanese PhD Student at MIT Creates Startup to Turn Waste Into Fuel for Developing Countries
Takachar, a waste management startup founded by a Taiwanese Ph.D. student, is expecting to see its first sales in 2019 after four years of designing technology that turns urban household waste into fuel for use in developing countries.
Taiwanese Brother-Sister Duo Based in New York Create Popular E-commerce Website for Nail Polish Lovers, Offer Tips for Entrepreneurs
Taiwanese immigrant siblings Michelle Lin and Wayne Lin created an e-commerce website selling nail polish and other cosmetics from scratch in New York four years ago.
Taiwanese Film Director Jack Hsu Plans to Launch a Blockchain-based Token “SELF” That Will Help Taiwanese Movies Make Money
The technology behind cryptocurrency bitcoin could be used to boost Taiwan’s film industry under a plan launched by a local filmmaker.
Taiwan Startup’s Software Knows When it’s Time to Clean Dusty Solar Panels
Taiwan faces more trouble than its peers overseas in setting up large-scale solar panel farms because of a relatively small land mass and high population density. Constant rain also means Taiwan’s solar energy output can be unstable.
Taiwan Startup Neurobit Says New Device Can Detect Strokes via Eye Examination
Strokes are the second highest cause of death in the world and they often happen without warning with just hours to treat safely, according to the World Health Organizaiton. But conventional methods of detection miss some of the telltale clogs in the brai
New York Startup Pluvio Is Using Artificial Intelligence for Personalized E-commerce
American tech startup Pluvio is using artificial intelligence to create what it calls more engaging, personalized e-commerce shopping, and a Taiwanese co-founder is helping make that happen.