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Meet One Forty, Taiwan startup empowering migrant workers with knowledge and skills
Mr. Chen describes his startup journey a series of “trial and error."
6 months
10 months
Marketplace, livestreaming, and the Chinese market: Facebook’s quest to remain relevant
With over 1.8 billion active users, Facebook is a true behemoth in the online business. Together with its archrival Google, the two companies rake in a cool 85% percent of all online ad revenue. Moreover, as of June 2016, the social media platform was wor
3 years
Sunfun Info Innovation Brings SweetRing to Forefront in Matchmaking Abroad
From pen pals during the days of snail mail, to BBS messaging via telnet terminals in the infancy of the internet, to friending people on Facebook, throughout the years Taiwan has seen an exploding diversification of ways to meet and make new friends. Wi
3 years
Bad Taste Lingers as Uber’s Food Delivery Launches in Taiwan
Uber has launched its food delivery service in Taiwan amid continued controversy over the legality of its business.
3 years
Taipei event speaker to broach the squeamish topic of startup failure – he should know
Jason Goldberg will tell the Meet Taipei conference about the epic rise and fall of, the e-commerce company he once led.
3 years
Hong Kong service for casual workers matches jobs in 90 minutes
JOBDOH has built a business by focusing on blue-collar work but faces competitive headwinds as it considers expanding overseas.
3 years
Graphics processors can mimic the human brain and what's next
Huang Jen-hsun, creator of the Silicon Valley processor developer NVIDIA, expects artificial intelligence-enabled units to drive cars, build social media and solve math problems.
3 years
Taiwanese app offers fast caller ID service for iPhone iOS 10
A recent version of the Whoscall app can create a caller blacklist, point out telemarketers and mine a database of 100,000 numbers.
3 years
Matchmaking where you know the conversation topic in advance
A Taiwanese startup has grown from organizing random dates to arranging meals with preset places and agreed-on topics for discussion.
3 years
Silicon Valley VC firm invests in Taiwanese culinary-lifestyle website
The website's founder is shaping up as an Internet celebrity with intellectual property value that could sustain business, a draw for venture capital.
3 years
Ten questions with: Smartcasual
A new Asia-focused job-search platform utilizes social networking and encourages companies to showcase their company culture and values rather than provide only job description and salaries. Hong Kong-based Smartcasual, founded by Ignacio Martin and Takes
3 years