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[Reprint] Traits In A Startup Founder That VCs Look Out For
It is not just the pitch deck that wins investors over
1 week
[Reprint] Chinese Tech Stocks Tumble From More Than Just Trade Tensions
Reports of trade tensions between China and the US in the past few months have been hard to ignore. In early July, the US imposed $34 billion on Chinese goods, prompting the Shenzhen Component Index, dominated by technology and consumer product stocks, to
1 week
[Reprint] These 5 Tips Will Empower You To Leave Work At Work
All work and no play? Find a balance between working time and time off
1 week
[Reprint] 5 Elements Of Company Culture That Will Keep Your Business Moving
Be it a playground or your office, vibes play an invisible role
1 week
[Reprint] Google To Invest US$350M To Build Third Data Centre In Singapore To Expand Cloud Platform Capabilities
The internet giant says this new expansion will bring its total investment in Singapore data centres to US$850 million
2 weeks
[Reprint] From Zero To Hero, Here Are 4 Ways Startups Can Build Influence Quickly
Is it only on the strength of the idea and passion? The short answer is no
2 weeks
[Reprint] Data Analytics Is Important, But Can You Afford It?
For small businesses, the cost of data analytics can mean the difference between a yes or a no.
3 weeks
Taiwan Cabinet Proposes More Flexible Immigration Rules to Attract Skilled Foreign Workers
Taiwan officials have proposed a bill that relaxes immigration rules for skilled foreign workers, who are considered key to the rise of tech startups.
3 weeks
[Reprint] The Confessions Of A Compulsive Serial Mistake-monger
What keeps me motivated all the time? "The freedom to make repeated mistakes"
3 weeks
[Reprint] 3 Things Startup Founders Can Learn From Elon Musk's Thailand Cave Rescue Drama
The #ThaiCaveRescue event provides lessons in product development, publicity, and how to deal with failures
4 weeks
[Reprint] Asian Healthtech Industry Deploys US$3.3B in H1 2018, Exceeds 2017 Total Funding: Report
A new report by Galen Growth Asia predicted the number of healthtech investment to rise to US$5 billion by the end of the year
1 month
[Reprint] 4 Practical Ways Blockchain Tech Can Transform Your Business
From fundraising to securing your digital assets, blockchain tech is proving to be helpful for small and large businesses alike
1 month