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NVIDIA Plans to Adapt Graphics Processors for Virtual Reality, AI, Driverless Cars
The Silicon Valley giant’s Taiwanese-born CEO outlined at a March conference his plan for future use of graphics processing units.
1 week
[Reprint] Can Transparency and Accountability Ensure a More Sustainable Social Media Ecosystem?
With the recent uproar about Facebook’s data sharing schemes, will a more democratised and transparent social media bring about the change we need?
1 week
[Reprint] All You Want To Know About 'Internet of You'
IoY brings relevance to the data that has been collected by IoT, wearable technologies and semantic web technologies in very meaningful ways to every individual at a very personal level
2 weeks
[Reprint] Smarter Cities: How Blockchain Can Transform Urban Planning
In the future, cities will become increasingly reliant on blockchain technologies
2 weeks
[Reprint] 5 Habits For a Productive Startup Team
Running a startup today is a lot tougher than what it used to be in the early 2000s
2 weeks
[Reprint] Why China And the US Are Fighting Over 5G
5G has been making headlines recently. It came up in a White House memo leaked in January that argued creating a nationalized 5G network was the only way for the US to protect itself from Chinese security threats. Though lawmakers quickly dismissed the id
3 weeks
[Reprint] 3 Common Myths About What It Takes To Succeed in Entrepreneurship
Take advantage of opportunities that present themselves, even if you’re strapped for time
3 weeks
[Reprint] How to Keep Your Remote Employees’ Networks More Secure
As remote working becomes more commonplace, here are some steps you can take to ensure your IT security is not compromised
4 weeks
How Blunt Criticism of an Audio Speaker Led This Taiwanese Woman To a CEO Job
Emma Yu saw Soundmatters founder Godehard Guenther as an idol despite their first conversation. She eventually replaced him.
1 month
[Reprint] Taiwan: A nation with its ‘glass half full’ or ‘glass half empty’?
Like many foreigners who have made the choice to live here long-term, they see Taiwan as a nation with its ‘glass half full’—they believe Taiwan enjoys a healthy foundation upon which to build a brighter future.
1 month
[Reprint] 4 Ways To Protect Your Business from Cybersecurity Threats
The key to protecting your business from such threats is to be one step ahead of hackers
1 month
[Reprint] 4 Key Growth Metrics Startups Should Watch Closely
Without clear milestones, a startup’s course can veer off the right path very quickly
1 month