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NDC Annual Report: Platform-focused startups leading in investments
The National Development Council (NDC) recently released its annual report on the state of startup investments in Taiwan. According to the paper, while traditional business models were increasingly being overtaken, dynamic platform-focused companies in pa
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LiTV founder Chien Ta-wei: Localization is key in OTT
Netflix’s entrance into the Taiwanese market last year highlighted the potential of over-the-top (OTT) services such as IP television or video-on-demand (VOD). Despite its global popularity, however, Netflix would quickly find that Taiwan’s OTT segment is
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Rock your world! Zhang Tiezhi talks Dylan, Lennon, and innovation
In his latest op-ed piece for BNext, renowned author and cultural critic Zhang Tiezhi urges startup founders to find time and listen to music from Bob Dylan and John Lennon. Rather than dismissing Rock’n’Roll as just another genre, Zhang’s historical expo
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One Foot in the Real World, the Other in a Virtual One - Part 4
Many tech industry observers argue that virtual reality is the next breakthrough technology, with the potential to improve and disrupt existing industries from gaming and entertainment to education and commerce.
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One Foot in the Real World, the Other in a Virtual One - Part 3
VR involves the creation of a three-dimensional, computer-generated environment that is realistic, interactive and navigable. VR employs technology to trick users into thinking and feeling that they are present in a world that is not really there. Good VR
1 month
One Foot in the Real World, the Other in a Virtual One - Part 2
Comprised of a motley crew of foreign residents and Taiwanese, the Taiwan VR Meetup serves as a “community for [people interested in] virtual reality, augmented reality (AR), 360° photography or video, and stereoscopic 3D media in Taiwan,” according to th
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One Foot in the Real World, the Other in a Virtual One - Part 1
The first time you feel the sense of “presence” in a virtual reality (VR) experience—the perception of being fully immersed in a non-physical world—it can be an almost religious experience.
1 month
Are Apps in Asia Killing the Planet?
Internet companies in Asia are falling behind their North American counterparts in powering their energy-hungry data centers with renewable electricity and governments across the region are partly to blame.
1 month
Cloud Computing Pioneer Hope Bay Tech Announces Layoffs
Cloud computing firm Hope Bay Tech has announced its largest round of layoffs since it was established in 2013. Within hours of an anonymous report of large layoffs, Hope Bay Tech CEO Ben Jai posted on his Facebook page that the number of staff reductions
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Self-Driving Cars – On Autopilot to Success?
Seven years ago, when Google announced its ambitions to substitute human drivers with autonomous technology, many were doubtful. At best, the program would spawn some minor technological advantages; at worst, it would fizzle out. But in 2013, when Tesla a
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Lenovo-owned Motorola Moto Z, Z Play and Moto Mod Smartphones Set for Taiwan Launch
Lenovo-owned Motorola has announced that the Moto Z, Z Play and Moto Mod smartphones will be launched in Taiwan. Lenovo bought Motorola from Google in 2014, and has not made any movement in the Taiwanese market. Now they are entering the premium segments
2 months
What the world wants to know about Donald Trump and America’s Lost Manufacturing Industry
When people talk about the manufacturing industry, it usually conjures up images of large factories with uniformed workers slaving away at repetitive and monotonous jobs. These factories, have been the economic foundations for innumerable families in Asia
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