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[Reprint] China makes progress on its national facial recognition surveillance system
China is making progress on a surveillance system that will connect security cameras nationwide via a cloud to a database of every person’s facial ID profile and a file of their personal details, according to an article in the South China Morning Post. Th
2 days
[Reprint] WSJ: Chinese government wants to enter boards of Chinese tech giants
Coming from the Chinese government which is currently preparing for the 19th CPC National Congress another news that has surprised no-one: According to a report from Wall Street Journal quoting unnamed sources, the party is planning to take a stake in Ten
3 days
[Reprint] China tightens inspection over O2O food delivery
China’s food inspection authorities on Thursday released new regulations for O2O food delivery services. The new rules require the restaurants registered on the apps to have offline stores and to be licensed with certifications to run food-related busines
1 week
[Reprint] Analyse Asia 208: Microsoft Enterprise in Asia Pacific with Ricky Kapur
Editor’s note: This originally appeared on Analyse Asia, a weekly podcast hosted by Bernard Leong, dedicated to dissecting the pulse of business, technology, and media in Asia. The podcast features guests from Asia’s vibrant tech community.
2 weeks
[Reprint] BingoBox unveils new AI tech for its unmanned stores
BingoBox, China’s unmanned store startup, unveiled today its new AI solution called “Fan AI”, a smart goods shelving and new check-out payment method powered by image recognition, facial recognition, and machine learning.
2 weeks
[Reprint] Porsche Design rolls out its first-ever laptop in China
The world-renowned automobile manufacturer Porsche announced on Tuesday its plan to roll out the firm’s first-ever laptop, BOOK ONE, in China, after bringing it to 17 other countries.
2 weeks
Life Learning by Steve Hoffman
Without lifetime learning, you are not going to get far in our rapidly changing world. You are not going to thrive based solely on what you already know. If you want to progress in life, you need to go beyond your formal education. You need to go beyond w
1 month
[Reprint] Rihanna and ofo working in tandem to bring college education to Malawi girls
Rihanna and ofo have formed a partnership to send bikes to schoolgirls in Malawi via the singer’s foundation and role as ambassador for an education charity. ofo is also joint funding a scholarship program to send students to the US for a college educatio
2 months
Shaping the future: NDC unveils plan for National Investment Company
As part of its core economic agenda, the Taiwanese government has vowed to heavily invest in the five key areas of green energy, biomedicine, artificial intelligence, defense and aerospace, as well as its Asian Silicon Valley plan. With a new agricultural
2 months
[Reprint] Has China's sharing economy finally jumped the shark?
Bikes, bikes, and more bikes. China’s streets have been invaded by bike rentals of every hue. More and more Chinese entrepreneurs are sparing no effort to jump on the sharing bandwagon.
2 months
Joining the fray, Apple and Amazon ally with Foxconn in bid for Toshiba’s chip foundry
After a series of scandals that resulted in legal problems and resignations, Japanese electronics conglomerate Toshiba is auctioning off its highly profitable chip division. The decision has sparked a bidding war among technology companies from around the
3 months
[Reprinted] The World Congress on Information Technology coming back to Taiwan!
WCIT 2017 being set to be hosted in Taipei, #Taiwan during 10th ~ 13th September, it is not difficult to link Taiwan with the topic of smart city. The island has received multiple recognition by organizations such as the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF),
5 months