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追劇的人都知道,無論台劇、美劇、韓劇、陸劇,總有那麼一些似曾相識的套路。這回由美國聯邦政府領銜主演的加密貨幣監管大戲第一季即將殺青,眼看著ICO黯然下台,STO(Security Token Offering)霸氣登場,著實也有某種倒帶重播的既視感。
2 days
[Reprint] Briefing: Japanese Government to Halt Sourcing ZTE and Huawei Equipment
Japan government to halt buying Huawei, ZTE equipment: sources – Reuters
3 days
歐洲最大的 IoT 加速器 IoT Valley 的營運長認為:保持專注、別做B2C生意、軟重於硬、確保足夠資金後盾、學會法語與掌握人脈資源是 IoT 新創走入法國市場的不二法門。
1 week
[Reprint] Today's Top Tech News, Dec 06: Huawei CFO Arrested in Canada
Meng Wanzhou now faces extradition to the US on suspicion she violated US trade sanctions against Iran
1 week
[Reprint] 5 Career Avenues for Data Scientists
It’s a great time to be in the field of data science right now
1 week
[Reprint] 3 Business Rules I Learned in the Streets as a Teenager
A tough environment taught me how to respect myself and how to deal with tricky situations
1 week
打造個人化推薦服務!韓國新創 Dable 用更精準的原生廣告串連媒體與廣告主
1 week
Vivian Yen Describes How Being a “Giver” is a Quality that Senior Executives Can Pass Down to Young Founders
AnyMind Group, an AI solutions provider specializing in advertising and human resources, recently appointed Vivian Yen as its country manager for Taiwan.
1 week
[Reprint] Free Is Not Always the Best Option, And Here's An Experiment in Setting Value
Some products or services get more demand when you charge a fee.
1 week
過去近一年來,Crypto由高點反轉進入熊市。Crypto龍頭Bitcoin的幣價,從去年12月一度突破17,000美元的高點,快速下探至今年 11 月跌破4,000美元的重要關卡,跌幅超過75%,至今仍未見跌勢趨緩,對比20 世紀末的.com泡沫,Nasdaq 指數在30個月內暴跌76%,Crypto退潮的速度更為兇猛。
2 weeks
[Reprint] Models of Entrepreneurship: How We Invest in Humans
Today I am going to talk about how ecosystems around the world are churning out models of entrepreneurship that are changing the world of work as we know it
2 weeks
[Reprint] Creativity Is Humanity's Only Advantage Against AI, But Can Bots Be Creative in Their Own Right?
Even as technology advances at a rapid pace and the possibilities for AI increase, it’s important to remember that the most effective applications of AI will still require a human touch
2 weeks