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Cloud Computing Pioneer Hope Bay Tech Announces Layoffs
Cloud computing firm Hope Bay Tech has announced its largest round of layoffs since it was established in 2013. Within hours of an anonymous report of large layoffs, Hope Bay Tech CEO Ben Jai posted on his Facebook page that the number of staff reductions
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Self-Driving Cars – On Autopilot to Success?
Seven years ago, when Google announced its ambitions to substitute human drivers with autonomous technology, many were doubtful. At best, the program would spawn some minor technological advantages; at worst, it would fizzle out. But in 2013, when Tesla a
2 weeks
Lenovo-owned Motorola Moto Z, Z Play and Moto Mod Smartphones Set for Taiwan Launch
Lenovo-owned Motorola has announced that the Moto Z, Z Play and Moto Mod smartphones will be launched in Taiwan. Lenovo bought Motorola from Google in 2014, and has not made any movement in the Taiwanese market. Now they are entering the premium segments
4 weeks
What the world wants to know about Donald Trump and America’s Lost Manufacturing Industry
When people talk about the manufacturing industry, it usually conjures up images of large factories with uniformed workers slaving away at repetitive and monotonous jobs. These factories, have been the economic foundations for innumerable families in Asia
4 weeks
Taiwan’s Tech Image: Digital Nation or Competition Killer? (Part 4)
As previously noted, Taiwan’s government sees startups and companies working on new technologies as a key part of its platform to ultimately transform Taiwan’s industry away from manufacturing.
4 weeks
Taiwan’s Tech Image: Digital Nation or Competition Killer? (Part 3)
Away from the clouds of controversy shrouding Uber, Taiwan’s fledgling startup scene is making strides. While investments are still small compared to other markets, the numbers are tracking in the right direction.
4 weeks
Taiwan’s Tech Image: Digital Nation or Competition Killer? (Part 2)
Uber, which has already amassed at least NT$150 million (US$4.7 million) in fines in Taiwan, is now staring down the barrel of a proposed new law that could be hit with a NT$25 million (US$784,000) fine for a single law breach.
4 weeks
Taiwan’s Tech Image: Digital Nation or Competition Killer? (Part 1)
“We respectfully request that further action on these competition-killing proposals be halted,” Michael Beckerman, president of the United States Internet Association, wrote in a letter to Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen this month.
4 weeks
Microsoft Asia-Pacific R&D Group’s Perspectives on 2017 Tech Trends
According to a recent report from the website, Samuel Shen, Chief Operating Officer of Microsoft Asia-Pacific R&D Group (ARD), addressed an audience of startup founders at the 2016 Meet Taipei Conference in November. In his speech, Shen ident
4 weeks
Uber in Taiwan: A New Chapter or Time for the Conclusion?
On December 1st, President and CEO of the American Internet Association Michael Beckerman publicly called on Taiwan’s president Tsai Ying-wen to rethink the proposed amendment to the Highway Act, which would introduce heavy fines for ride-sharing companie
1 month
Taiwan’s Continuing Uber Controversy (Part Two)
As mentioned in Part One, several neighboring Asian countries have moved to embrace Uber. For instance, in May 2015, the Philippines became the first country to implement national ride-hailing regulations, paving the way for Uber and its counterparts to o
1 month
Advisor and Board member of Uber Responds to Pressure from Taiwan’s Government
At the end of October, the Taiwanese government announced its intention to coerce Uber into operating legally by amending the Highway Act. Under the new rules, illegal operators will be fined up to US$785,000.
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