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AcroViz accesses your brain health to predict risk of dementia
AcroViz accesses your brain health to predict risk of dementia
AI4quant's Software Monitors Heart Rhythms to Prevent 8 Cardiac Diseases
AIQUAN is a smart AI-powered IoT platform that detects and informs users of irregular heartbeat patterns.
Taiwan NBRP Signs Two MoUs with Japan Shonan iPark and AstraZeneca Prior to Taiwan BioTech Accelerator Forum
National Biotechnology Research Park (NBRP), a research-oriented biopark in Taiwan, signed two MoUs with Shonan Health Innovation Park (Shonan iPark) and AstraZeneca to promote a next-generation biomedical research ecosystem.
Germany-Based Merck, in Partnership with Terry Gou, Starts Incubating Biotech Startups in Taiwan
Founded in 1668 as a small pharmacy, Merck is a multinational pharmaceutical, chemical, and life sciences company. In 1989, it established a branch in Taiwan and now has around 600 employees across the island.
A Quick Overview of How AI and Data Analytics Are Shaking Up the Healthcare Industry
The healthcare sector is about to undergo a tech-enabled revolution
[Reprint] China’s National Health Commission Orders Investigation into Gene Editing Project
China’s National Health Commission (NHC) has ordered Guangdong authorities to investigate a researcher’s claims that he has helped create the world’s first genetically altered babies.
[2018 Meet Taipei] IoT工地安全帽、自行車事故探測器,原來國外有這些創業題材
2018 Meet Taipei創新創業嘉年華邀請來自23國、27座城市國外新創前來參展,一起認識以下5家國外新創的產品與服務。
為了解決骨科手術痛點,去年成立的台灣骨王生技開發出全球第一副頭戴式智慧手術眼鏡,透過VR、MR及3D成像技術,讓醫生可以在病人的身上看到正確的骨骼、組織成像,降低手術的複雜性,不用來回檢視頻幕畫面與 X 光資料。
[Reprint] Enhancing Elder Care through Technology
The Apple Watch was recently cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a medical device, a landmark for a wearable device aimed at consumers. Able to monitor heart rates and perform electrocardiograms (EKG), the Apple Watch is the latest e
Quanta Moves into Medical Care
Leading Taiwanese notebook ODM makes IoT medical equipment and integrated cloud network.
從台北生技獎 3 個金獎得主,看台灣生醫市場的潛在競爭力!
為展現臺北市生技產業的發展能量,臺北市政府產業發展局首次組團,參加於2018年「北美生物科技展」(2018 BIO),於展會中設置「臺北展示區」,展示推動中的生技產業聚落發展藍圖,向國際生技大廠招商引資。