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Healthcare & Medical
Taiwan’s Brain Navi builds a robot for nasal swab tests amid COVID-19
A prototype was sent for clinical trials and approval in Taiwan and the US.
Meet 3 healthcare startups graduated from TAcc+ batch 2
Meet ConnSante Biotech, Soteria Biotech, and WellGen Medical.
Heroic-Faith raises $4M Series A for its AI-powered respiratory monitor amid Covid-19
The lead investor is Integral Group, a financial services company in Taiwan
Deep01 raises $2.7M for its AI-based brain imaging software
Deep01 is also the first AI company that ASUS has ever invested in.
LumiSTAR launches novel point-of-care test to detect COVID-19 with a glow
Antigen tests are still rare in the market -- how do they create one?
Business boom for temperature-measuring tech startups during the coronavirus outbreak
They develop infrared thermal camera module & wearable thermometer.
Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree Ray Chiu raises $5M for his biotech startup Calyx
He's now a bright shining star among the legions of TW entrepreneurs in SV.
AcroViz accesses your brain health to predict risk of dementia
AcroViz accesses your brain health to predict risk of dementia
AI4quant's Software Monitors Heart Rhythms to Prevent 8 Cardiac Diseases
AIQUAN is a smart AI-powered IoT platform that detects and informs users of irregular heartbeat patterns.