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Healthcare & Medical
App to Detect Dementia Developed in Taiwan
A team of students and academics at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) has developed an app to detect the early onset of dementia.
Nokia's global startup contest picks 2 finalists from Taiwan
IoT analytics firm MoBagel placed third and iXensor, which makes devices that monitor blood sugar, made the top 12.
American startup contest puts Taiwan firm on list of finalists
The 43North competition nominated MobioSense, creator of a device that lets people do their own blood tests and send results to doctors.
Not just making iPads anymore: Meet the new Hon Hai
The giant Taiwanese firm known best for contract assembly of consumer electronics is growing a multi-tentacled business including its own gear, IoT and biomedicine. The shift started with mergers.
Taiwanese startup makes baby-friendly thermometers for China
Kidoo Health has invented a thin, flexible, Bluetooth-enabled device to take temperatures of fidgety babies. It is selling first to China as the Beijing government begins allowing more births.
This Taiwan startup will let you do medical tests at home
MobioSense is working on a device to monitor for heart disease, viral infections and other ailments through self-administered tests, results of which travel via IoT to doctors.
Taiwan-designed wearable medical device poised to help diabetics worldwide
Two Taiwanese students are hoping to commercialize what they believe is a revolutionary wearable device for diabetics.
Technology assisting physically and mentally challenged individuals in Taiwan
Gumai’s parents knew their child was intelligent; his only issue was not having any access to education. Gumai and his family wanted a fair opportunity for him to attend school, but the resources provided by the Taiwanese government were limited and expen
Behind the Award-Winning Tableware Set for People With Dementia
“I have met so many people while working on this project, from designers to caretakers, and it has made me realize this is something that has potential and is worth developing,” says Yao. “Unless you really run into a dead end, you just can’t fail being a
Hey Taiwanese founders, tell a good story and meet more people
The San Francisco Bay Area, including the Silicon Valley, has the most active startup ecosystem in the world but is not necessarily the best place for all startups to go, one expert says.
iPad helps to monitor sperm?
We use iPad to go online, play games, and watch movies, but have you ever imagined that it could be used to monitor sperm? Yes, you heard that right. Aidmics developed a device called iSperm that turns your iPad into a high resolution microscope.