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[Reprint] Alibaba announces live entertainment business group
Like Tencent, Alibaba has an ambition in seizing Chinese people’s leisure time.
Marketplace, livestreaming, and the Chinese market: Facebook’s quest to remain relevant
With over 1.8 billion active users, Facebook is a true behemoth in the online business. Together with its archrival Google, the two companies rake in a cool 85% percent of all online ad revenue. Moreover, as of June 2016, the social media platform was wor
NEWS RELEASE-Taiwan president, diplomats and startup pros ready for Meet Taipei 2016
Meet Taipei brings together startup industry stars from 11 spots around the globe to trade ideas, give speeches and even serve solar-powered coffee.
The Startup Environment In Taiwan Disappointing?
On February 2, a post on The BackStory, a platform currently with over 6,000 usersdiscussing technology, marketing and startups, asked for people’s experiences working for Taiwan’s startups. In the thread, a user named stevelucas replies, “I have been in
Pinkoi’s Key to Securing Sequoia Capital Investment: Quality Designers, Localized Cash Flow and Logistics
Pinkoi is a designer product shopping platform established in Taiwan in 2011, and in its five years has seen astonishing growth into Asia’s largest online marketplace selling original designer products, currently counting 1.2 million members, 25,000 in-ho
Search for new ideas, new image sparked Apple to plan second China R&D center
A surge in software from China, a concentration of suppliers and a drop in iPhone market share motivated Apple to plan an R&D center in Shenzhen next year.
Taiwan advertising analytics firm wins $10M in funding to expand in Asia
Viscovery will use the money to hire more employees as competition grows globally for its services.
This GM opened a tantalizing Pandora's box for the Taiwan porn industry
Taiwanese firm Pandora got a permit that gradually gave rise to an adult film industry after decades of prohibitions. Now it's making a costly VR movie.
Video service Meerkat may be dead, but China has heard its scream
China lacks a clear market leader in live video streaming, but some of its 200 entrants may take cues from once iconic, now defunct Meerkat.
Director Ang Lee urges more interactivity in film
The acclaimed Taiwanese director advocates use of 3D and fast frame rates to lure people back into movie theaters.
Taiwanese broadcaster signals interest in buying local Yahoo unit
Eastern Broadcasting wants Yahoo's local e-commerce business but faces at least one strong competitor. Yahoo has kept quiet.