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Calm, Led by a “Natural Leader,” as Matt Cheng Describes, Becomes the First Mental Health Unicorn
Raising $88 million in Series B funding in February, the meditation and sleep app Calm has taken its place in the line-up of unicorn startups.
China’s Cashier-free Convenience Store Is Coming to Taiwan. Goal: 60 Stores By The End of 2018
Nearly a year and a half before Amazon opened its first unmanned grocery store, Amazon Go, BingoBox in mid-2016 launched a cashier-free, 24-hour convenience store in Guangzhou. By last month there were more than 500 BingoBox stores in China. Now they are
FunNow 進軍日本!與上市公司 ALMEX 合作,力求營收破 5 億
成軍兩年多,台灣的新創即時娛樂平台 FunNow 正式進軍日本,與日本上市公司 USEN-NEXT GROUP 旗下的 ALMEX 合作。
Taiwanese App Developer Uses AI and AR Technologies to Build Beauty Apps
Perfect Corp. of Taiwan is offering apps that let users see themselves in makeup or hair dye before they actually put it on
「矽谷美味人妻」透過細膩的社群經營在短時間內快速打響名號,但 Katie 並不滿足於自媒體的形式,成為只成就一人的「網紅」,一直以來,她心中都有個願景:希望以「快速、簡單料理」為圓心,社群為半徑,打造全球華人料理學習平台,也因此催生了 HowLiving 美味生活!
[Reprint] As outbound tourism grows, China's giants are following along to fuel their global expansion
Not long ago, taking vacations away from home was only eligible for a small group of wealthy people in China. But now, thanks to the country’s quick economic growth as well as the stable rise of average incomes, this is no longer the case. China’s tourism
[Reprint] Fashiontech will embrace sustainability and comfortable wear
What will tomorrow’s fashion look like? It is worth noting that fashion-conscious and tech-savvy millennials not only care about uniqueness but also sustainability. In a recent study done by Nielsen and Deloitte, of the respondents who look out for sustai
[Reprint] Mobike vs ofo: The race for the world's bike rental market
It is almost two years since Mobike co-founder Hu Weiwei put around 50 bicycles on the streets of Shanghai and drove away. Ofo had a similar beginning, spreading out shared bikes on Beijing’s university campuses. This is how China’s dockless bike rental e
要美、要時尚、要有態度!風格組裝錶Zu Watch
「自選、自組、自搭。」Zu Watch創辦人謝大宇:「我們的錶除了可以讓買家更隨心所欲地搭配出自己的個人風格,也可以減少『快時尚』所帶來的浪費。」
Big data and local expertise: Travel platforms KKday and Klook want to make your next trip awesome
Are you planning a trip to Japan, but simply do not know where to start? Fret not, as help is here in the form of travel platforms KKday and Klook. Be it questions like where to get that discounted subway card, or matters such as arranging tours to the wo
More than a bookstore: Tsutaya’s plan to conquer Taiwan
Japanese bookstore-chain Tsutaya is expanding into Taiwan. CCC Group, who owns the brand, is cooperating with Taiwanese media and software publisher Deltamac to open its first flagship store in the bustling Xinyi district of Taipei City. According to Tsut