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要美、要時尚、要有態度!風格組裝錶Zu Watch
「自選、自組、自搭。」Zu Watch創辦人謝大宇:「我們的錶除了可以讓買家更隨心所欲地搭配出自己的個人風格,也可以減少『快時尚』所帶來的浪費。」
Big data and local expertise: Travel platforms KKday and Klook want to make your next trip awesome
Are you planning a trip to Japan, but simply do not know where to start? Fret not, as help is here in the form of travel platforms KKday and Klook. Be it questions like where to get that discounted subway card, or matters such as arranging tours to the wo
More than a bookstore: Tsutaya’s plan to conquer Taiwan
Japanese bookstore-chain Tsutaya is expanding into Taiwan. CCC Group, who owns the brand, is cooperating with Taiwanese media and software publisher Deltamac to open its first flagship store in the bustling Xinyi district of Taipei City. According to Tsut
Startup puts Taiwan back onto the Chinese character font design map
Justfont is selling specially designed character sets to computer users with strict controls against copyright theft.
Get Drunk And Be Driven In Taiwan
Taiwan Chauffeurs, inspired by a trend in South Korea, will send a sober driver to take you and your car from the pub back home.
Don't Hide, Stay Humble And Other Lessons From A Serial Entrepreneur
Jason Goldberg, now 44, left college early for the White House, started a firm that failed and just opened an online chat service. His advice when facing any odds: don't hide.
GUEST COLUMN-When VR is as harsh as reality for women
The proliferation of virtual reality gear exposes women to eerily lifelike sexual harassment of their online characters, VR expert Cori Shieh writes.
Go get a coffee? Now the coffee go gets you
The Swedish mobile coffee cart brand Wheely's has found a Taiwan team to sell brews made from pure organic beans.
NEWS RELEASE-Taiwan president, diplomats and startup pros ready for Meet Taipei 2016
Meet Taipei brings together startup industry stars from 11 spots around the globe to trade ideas, give speeches and even serve solar-powered coffee.
Taiwanese entertainment firm to acquire trip planning service
Fullerton's acquisition of Niceday will let its users book unusual day trips and activities before or after movies.
Startup Launches Scooter Sharing Service in Taipei
A Taiwan startup has launched a new scooter sharing service in Taipei, a city already well-known for the widespread use of its bicycle sharing system. The new service, WeMo Scooter, is being trialed in the central Da-an, Xinyi and Zhongzheng districts fo
This made-in-Taiwan dongle can blast surround sound into your ears
A startup founder designed a USB stick-sized device that boosts sound through ordinary earphones and home speakers.