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TSMC Chairman Morris Chang Predicts Taiwan’s Semiconductor Industry Continue to See Growth for the Next 20 Years
Morris Chang, the chairman of the iconic upstream technology firm Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) delivered a keynote speech about semiconductor industry innovation milestones during the past 60 years at SEMICON Taiwan 2018 last month in Tai
2 weeks
[Reprint] China Announces Yet Another Crackdown Against Cryptocurrencies
China’s central bank has announced that there will be another crackdown on all type of cryptocurrencies this year, our sister site TechNode Chinese is reporting.
6 months
[Reprint] Taiwan Companies Take a Fresh Look at the U.S.
As an investment destination, the United States is attracting greater interest from Taiwan’s top corporations – but it’s struggling to attract smaller players.
6 months
[Reprint] Taiwan: A nation with its ‘glass half full’ or ‘glass half empty’?
Like many foreigners who have made the choice to live here long-term, they see Taiwan as a nation with its ‘glass half full’—they believe Taiwan enjoys a healthy foundation upon which to build a brighter future.
6 months
[Reprint] Taipei Is Using a Blockchain Alternative to Transform into A Smart City
We are living in the age of the Internet of Things (IoT) where resources, data, and services are increasingly being traded between machines. As connected devices continue to proliferate, the interoperability and sharing of resources—everything from inform
7 months
Understanding China’s Unmanned Revolution: China Cares Less About User Experience Than You Think
While Amazon Go has been stealing headlines since it was revealed last year, we here at TechNode have been covering China’s increasing commitment to unmanned stores for about just as long. But, how exactly are China’s stores different and why are the tech
7 months
[Reprint] How a Taiwan-based AIoT startup is taking on the next big wave
We are entering the era of intelligent things where smart devices seep into every aspect of our lives. As AI continues to evolve and IoT devices proliferate, the two transformative technologies converge, forming something called AIoT (the artificial intel
9 months
[Reprint] New report paints glowing future for online video in China, users finally ready to pay up
Online video is booming in China. The number of users reached 565 million or 75.2% of the total online population, according to the China Netcasting Services Association (CNSA). The online broadcasting body just released an annual report on the online aud
10 months
[Reprint] Founder of Huawei thanks Apple for allowing them to dominate the market
Founder and president of Huawei Ren Zhengfei recently visited Huawei’s Research Institute in Japan where he touched upon the relationship with its rival Apple, Chinese media has reported.
10 months
3 industries in China you should be paying attention to
First off, China is a fascinating and amazing place full of opportunity, innovation, and a lot of people. I mean a lot of people. Over 1.3 billion to be exact.
10 months
Taiwan Turnaround: An Asian Tiger catching up in the internet sector
Taiwan’s internet tech scene is playing catch-up after being left in the dust compared to others in Asia. In part 1 TechNode visits the island to see how the Asian Tiger plans to stimulate its startup ecosystem. Next, in the series, we talk to more accel
11 months
[Reprint] Chinese overseas investors prefer tech stocks: report
China’s sizable middle class is on fire. A McKinsey & Company report projected that they would account for 76% of the country’s urban population by 2022. With thickening wallets and an urgent need to diversify investment options, more Chinese investors ar
11 months